Department of Communication Studies

Graduate Internships

  1. To qualify a student must:
    1. Be fully admitted to the program.
    2. Have completed a minimum of 12 hours graduate course work in the department.
    3. Be able to demonstrate a knowledge of research methods.
    4. Submit a proposal (3 pages maximum) which explains his/her rationale, as it relates to the degree program, for completing an internship to the Director of Graduate Program.
  2. A student must have an advisor for the project who is a member of the graduate faculty.
  3. Students may enroll in a 2 or 3 credit internship and the course may not be repeated.
  4. A minimum of 50 hours on site must be completed for each credit hour.
  5. Interns must complete a research project which required the use of research skills.  This project should meet the goals of both the student and organization.
  6. Students must submit an activity summary, portfolio, and self-evaluation at the end of the internship experience to their graduate intern advisor.  Depending upon the nature of the project, additional requirements may be imposed.
  7. Students will be evaluated by their organizational supervisor and their graduate intern advisor.