Department of Communication Studies

Graduate Assistantships

  • The Department of Communication Studies offers excellent opportunities for a variety of competitively awarded Graduate Assistantships.

    What are the options in assistantship assignments?
    • Teach the undergraduate general education course: Oral Communication (48C:001) under the supervision of the course director. Assignment includes an orientation session prior to the fall semester.
    • Assistant coach in a large and active forensics program, either in debate or individual speech events. Assignment includes orientation and travel.
    • Teach other introductory courses in the department according to your expertise and departmental needs. Areas may include Electronic Media, Public Relations, Communication, and more.
    • Assist faculty with large enrollment courses, such as Principles of Public Relations.
    • Be a research assistant for department faculty.
    • Opportunities also exist in various offices across the University.
    What is the research assistantship?

    As one of the three top graduate programs at UNI, the department is guaranteed three assistantships each year (for the next five years) which are specially designated as at least part-time research assistants. Graduate faculty make application for a research assistant. Selections are made according to the quality of both faculty and student application materials and according to matches between faculty proposals and student interests and skills.

    What is the monetary award?

    Full Assistantships pay a salary of $4,800 for the academic semester, plus a waiver of either in-state or out-of-state tuition for the period of appointment. Awards may also be made for half-time assistantships, with a value of $2,400 per semester and a waiver of half of the tuition.

    How do I apply?

    Applicants must be fully admitted to the Graduate Program, which means you must have a minimum of 3.0 grade point average and previous course work related to communication (see full admission status requirements on pages 7-8 in this manual). Full admission status also means application to the Graduate Program should be made well before the assistantship deadline which is February 1 of each year. However, applications will continue to be received until all assistantships are filled.

    The application includes two forms, one for the Graduate Tuition Scholarship and one for the Graduate Assistantship Stipend which must be filed with the department office. These forms are included in the application packet you receive from the department or you may obtain them by clicking on the following site  It is also helpful to attach a brief letter or resume to point out any specific areas of expertise or skill related to the six options listed here which might make you particularly suited for an assistantship.

    Awardees are notified by the University's Graduate College in April. Assistantships begin in the fall semester.

    What are the requirements?

    Those awarded assistantships must maintain full-time student status in fall and spring semesters (9 hours minimum). Course work must apply toward the student's program of study in the M.A. degree. Graduate assistants must maintain a grade point average in good standing with the Graduate College (minimum of 3.0).

    Other questions?

    Contact the Department Head (319-273-6118).

    The department encourages applications from persons of minority status, women, persons with disabilities, and military veterans.