Department of Communication Studies


Electronic Media: Production/Performance Emphasisvideo lighting demo

The electronic media major's Production/Performance emphasis trains students to create media content using audio, video, multimedia and lighting tools.

Media facilities include two television studios (one for broadcast journalism and one for creative film work), audio and advanced audio studios, media writing labs, and digital audio and video editing stations (featuring Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Avid editing systems).

Through their course of study, students are guided to become both critical consumers of mass media, and competent, ethical electronic media professionals in multicultural and global environments.

This major requires students to complete an internship or a cooperative education experience with a media organization in Iowa, throughout the United States, or an international setting.

Co-curricular electronic media activities include production, performance, and leadership at KULT Radio, Cedar River Productions, the UNI campus cable television, and sports related practices.

The Program

Common Core for Electronic Media Majors (28 hours)

COMM COR 2020 (48C:080) Introduction to Research Methods 3
COMM COR 4124 (48C:124) Communication Theories 3
Electronic Media:
COMM EM 1600 First Year Electronic Media Seminar 1
COMM EM 1611 (48E:021) Electronic Media Literacy 3
COMM EM 1655 (48E:003) Introduction to Electronic Production 3
COMM EM 1659 (48E:071) Beginning Writing for Electronic Media 3
COMM EM 3179 (48E:179) Cooperative Education 3
or COMM EM 3900/5900 (48E:197g) Internship in Electronic Media
COMM EM 4636/5636 (48E:132g) Electronic Media: Law and Policy 3
COMM EM 4644 (48E:195) Senior Seminar in Electronic Media 3
COMM COR 1010 (48J:002) Mass Communication and Society 3
Production/Performance Emphasis: 27
Total Hours 55

Emphasis: Electronic Media Production/Performance (27 hours)

Electronic Media:
COMM EM 4616/5616 (48E:141g) Electronic Media: Processes and Effects 3
COMM EM 4646/5646 (48E:121g) Electronic Media and Culture 3
and 3 hours chosen from the following: 3
Video Production: (Topic)
Audio Production: (Topic)
Multimedia Production: (Topic)
Electives (chosen from the following) 18
Art (only 3-6 hours hours can be counted as electives):
Graphic Design I
Creative Photography I
Visual Perceptions
Communication (only 3-6 hours can be counted as electives):
Oral Interpretation: Texts in Performance **
Interpersonal Communication **
Organizational Communication
Business and Professional Oral Communication
Oral History Communication
Quantitative Research Methods
Qualitative Research Methods
Rhetorical Communication Research Methods
Organizational Cultures and Communication *
Freedom of Speech
Nonverbal Communication
Advanced Interpersonal Communication *
Language and Communication
Social Protest: Performance and Rhetoric
Performance and Social Change
Cultural Performance
Computer Science (only 3-6 hours can be counted as electives):
Computing Skills and Concepts
Media Computation
Visual BASIC Programming
English (only 3-6 hours can be counted as electives):
Introduction to Film *
Film History *
Electronic Media:
Electronic Media Sales and Promotion
Video Practicum: (Topic)
Audio Practicum
Multimedia Production: (Topic)
Electronic Media Projects *
Selected Topics in Electronic Media
Electronic Media Criticism: (Topic)
Electronic Media Industries: (Topic)
Electronic Media: Law and Policy
Electronic Media Programming and Distribution
Communication Technologies
Electronic Media Management
Reporting Methodologies and Sources
News Writing for Print Media *
Organizational Management
Marketing (only 3-6 hours can be counted as electives):
Principles of Marketing *
Consumer Behavior *
Advertising and Promotion *
Playwriting *