Department of Communication Studies

Pasha Agoes

PashaWhen Pasha first entered UNI, he literally had no idea what he was getting into. After working for seven years in Jakarta (one year at a public relations firm, and six years at an international donor agency), Pasha felt it was time to re-enter academia. And what a shock it was! He had to learn about all things scholarly: From APA and MLA citation styles, qualifying your sources, research methods, and sitting in three-hour classroom discussions. Honestly, he just glad he survived the entire experience.

One of the most memorable experiences he had was teaching the Oral Communication class. As a an Indonesian student who certainly did not look American, it was daunting to enter a classroom to teach a bunch of American students! Moreover, making quizzes and exams, developing class plans, and grading all added to the challenge. Thankfully, he had other graduate assistants who could share the pain, and bonded the GTAs together! Go GTAs!

Being in graduate school, as Dr. April Chatham-Carpenter put it, is like being in a pressure cooker. The pressure of having to balance school work, teaching, and research assistantship work really tested Pasha’s abiility to the limit. Moreover, having a wife and toddler all added to the challenge. All these challenges prepared Pasha for his current work as a strategic communications consultant.

Pasha currently works as a senior consultant for a strategic communications consulting firm called Kiroyan Partners. One of the clients that Pasha currently handles is Microsoft. Pasha is happy that he is now applying a mix of knowledge he learned from UNI. These include critical/rhetorical methods, leadership communication, message design and delivery, critical communication pedagogy (for capacity building training for clients), advanced interpersonal communication, and many others.

Pasha has found his time in UNI to be deeply useful and satisfying. All the classroom discussions, relationships with professors, and friendship with fellow students have made UNI such a memorable part of Pasha’s life. He concludes by saying, “The  greatest treasures I obtained during my UNI experience are my continuing relationships with my professors and UNI friends!”