Department of Communication Studies

Kelsey Harr-Lagin

Like many graduate students at UNI, Kelsey Harr-Lagin couldn’t stay away from the University of Northern Iowa. She completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at UNI, and is now currently pursing her Ph.D. in Georgia.

“The department played a really active role in preparing me for further graduate study. Faculty helped me understand more about the process of becoming a scholar including developing my writing and attending conferences.”

Eventually, Kelsey would like to continue teaching communication at the college level. “Faculty in the department are some of the most important contributors to my teaching style; they showed me what it means to be an engaged, energetic, and ethical teacher. I often think about faculty in the department as I work on developing my own teaching skills and I am incredibly grateful for all the positive examples I was given to emulate.”

Kelsey urges anyone entering the program to get to know faculty and peers. “The faculty are willing to spend a tremendous amount of time helping students achieve their goals. The other students in your classes are also a giant source of knowledge and experience to draw upon and can turn into some of your greatest resources.”