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Interactive Digital Studies

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A new innovative program, Interactive Digital Studies (IDS) is about creatively addressing the future.  Students in IDS gain an arsenal of digital skills, a firm understanding of digital culture and theory, and a means for responding to our digital world. 



COMM 2555: Interactive Digital Communication (3 credits)
a rigorous skill/theory class that grounds the study and application of interactive multimedia with aesthetic theory, design history, media computation, digital literacy, and cultural studies

COMM COR 1010: Mass Communication & Society (3 credits)

a comprehensive history and culture class that foregrounds the internet and digital culture in the context of all media

COMM 4544/5544: Technology & Human Communication (3 credits)

an examination of the legal, political, ethical, democratic, hyper-commercial, and social implications of digital technology

TWO "BUNDLES" (or concentrations) (30-31 credits)

Digital Visualization                                  Digital Computation

Digital Learning                                         Digital Writing

Digital Music                                              Digital Imaging

Digital Advertising                                    Digital Media and Social Change



UNIV 4555: Interactive Digital Studies Practicum
an examination of the tools and methodologies involved in the creation and the management of the production of interactive media. Students study various development models in a real-world setting, work with an actual client, develop new technology skills, and as an entire class, consultatively produce a professional interactive project.

42-43 credits



THREE FOUNDATION COURSES + ONE BUNDLE                              24-25 credits

Interactive Digital Studies "BUNDLES" (IDS major requires 2 Bundles; IDS minor requires 1 Bundle)

 1. Digital Visualization (15 credits)

SOC 1000: Intro to Sociology

SOC 2020: Statistics for Social Research

SOC 2010: Research Methods OR COMM COR 2020: Introduction to Research Methods

COMM 4556/5556: Interactive Digital Visualization

SOC 3060/5060: Sociology of Culture OR COMM 2533: Media Literacy

 2. Digital Computation (15 credits)

CS 1120: Media Computation

CS 1100: Web Development: Client-Side Coding

CS 1025: Computational modeling and Simulation

CS 2880: Topics in Computing: Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics/Maya

CS 3120/5120 User Interface Design

3. Digital Learning (15 credits)

INSTTECH 1031: Educational Technology & Design

INSTTECH 4131/5131: Technology in Education

INSTTECH 4138/5138: Visual Literacy

INSTTECH 4139/5139: Media Planning and Production

INSTTECH 4150/5150: Digital Instructional Video Production


4. Digital Writing (15 credits)

ENGLISH 4765/5765: Applied Writing: Workplace Communication

ENGLISH 4775/5775: Applied Writing: Technical Communication

ENGLISH 4672/ENGLISH 5672: Electronic Literature

ENGLISH 4025/5025: Theory and Practice of Writing OR ENGLISH 4040/5040: Digital Writing: Theory and Practice

ENGLISH 4785/5785: Applied Writing: Projects & Careers

5. Digital Music (15-16 credits)

MUS THEO 1150: Aural Training I (1 cr)

MUS THEO 3220: Music and Technology (2 cr)

MUS THEO 3230: Music and Technology, Advanced (3 cr)

Music Theory (select two of the following):

  • MUS THEO 1100: Intro to Music Theory (2 cr)
  • MUS THEO 1110: Theory I (2 cr)
  • MUS THEO 1120: Theory II (2 cr)
  • Theory class placement is determined by a diagnostic examination. Theory classes are a prerequisite for Music Technology and Music Composition courses.)

Music, Applied

MUS APPL 1540: Music, Applied: Composition (3 cr)

Music electives (select 2-3 hours from the following) - consent of instructor and other requirements apply to various classes (2-3 cr):

  • MUS APPL 1xx5: Music, Applied (1-2 cr) OR MUS APPL 1470: Group Piano (3 cr) OR MUS HIST 1010: History of Music I (2 cr) OR MUS HIST 3300/5300: History of Opera (3 cr) OR MUS HIST 3600/5600: Jazz History and Styles (3 cr) OR MUS ENS 1120: Ensemble (1 cr; may be repeated once)

Additionally, it is recommended that students taking this bundle elect to take MUSIC 1100 as part of their LAC courses.

6. Digital Imaging (16 credits)

TECH 2020: Communication Systems

TECH 1022: Communication Technology

TECH 3169: Digital Imaging

TECH 4158/5158: Graphic Communications: Technical Visualization

TECH 1144: Web Publishing OR TECH 3150/5150: Graphic Communications Imaging

7. Digital Advertising (15 credits)

ECON 1031: Introduction to Economics OR ECON 1041: Principles of Macroeconomics

MKTG 2110: Principles of Marketing

MKTG 3143: Advertising and Promotion

MKTG 3146: Digital Advertising

MKTG 3153: Personal Selling OR MTKG 3583/5583: Entrepreneurship OR MTKG 3156: Services Marketing


8. Digital Media and Social Change (15 credits)

COMM 2533: Media Literacy

COMM COR 2020: Introduction to Research Methods

COMM 4446/5446: Social Protest: Performance and Rhetoric

COMM 4211/5211: Rhetorical Theories OR COMM COR 4124: Communication Theories OR ENGLISH 4040/5040: Digital Writing: Theory and Practice

COMM J 4753/5754: Global Mass Communication Systems OR SOC 3040/5040: Social Movements