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Conference Theme: Bridging Disciplines/Differences/Decades

The 50th Annual ICA Conference will be held
at DMACC Ankeny Campus on September 19 and 20, 2014


50th Anniversary Conference Bridging Disciplines/Difference/Decades
2014 Panel Proposal Submission Form (MS Word File)

The 50th Anniversary of ICA is a time for celebrating the organization and our discipline. The conference will be full of opportunities to celebrate including a reception, panels looking back and looking forward, and a special $50 registration package you can read more about below. ICA's 50th Anniversary presents an opportunity to look back on five decades to celebrate the longevity and contributions of the organization. One strength of ICA is bringing together educators from many types of institutions from K-12, to community colleges, colleges and universities. Bridging the differences of the types of institutions we teach at by the common discipline helps us learn from each other about what students have learned and are learning. Communication as a discipline allows a variety of scholarship and teaching that we will celebrate at our 50th conference.

Panel and paper submissions due May 20--We encourage a variety of submissions, but particularly panel and paper submissions on the conference theme: How do we sustain our place in education at all levels by building bridges with other disciplines through collaborative teaching and research? With the range of teaching and scholarship within the communication discipline, how do we remain unique and distinct? How has our teaching changed in particular courses through the decades, such as Interpersonal Communication, Public Address, Organization Communication, etc.? Are there best practices in using technology in teaching, or in how we teach differently now then 50 years ago because of technology? Are there a group of teachers from different decades that could engage in discussion of areas of our field and/or ICA through the decades? Our differences and discipline have been celebrated through the decades of ICA, and the 50th anniversary conference gives us the opportunity to celebrate our past, present and future as a discipline.

Hotel Information: The 2014 conference will be held September 19 & 20 at the DMACC Campus in Ankeny, Iowa. Blocks of hotel rooms are being held until Sept. 1 at AmericInn ($80 for 1 to 2 people, $10 each additional person, (515) 964-2004 and until Aug. 18 at the Holiday Inn Express ($90 for 1 or two people, (515) 965-2400 in Ankeny, with breakfast included at both locations.

50th Registration Special: Only $50 includes registration, banquet, reception and breakfast Saturday morning.

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