Department of Communication Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a communication major but the computer won't let me register for a class -- it says I don't meet the requirements. Why?
During pre-registration you will get that message from the computer if either of the following are true: (1) you are not a fully declared major or a declared minor or (2) you are a declared major/minor but your specific major/minor in the department is not included in the priority list found in the Schedule of Classes. Check your Advisement Report to confirm that you are a declared major/minor.

The class I want to enroll in says you need instructor consent (or department consent). What do I do?
Contact the instructor (or department head) to get permission. You will need to get approval from the instructor (or department head) in writing or that individual can e-mail their consent to the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator. If the e-mail option is used, then you will be enrolled; if you get written permission it is your responsibility to enroll in the course through the Registrar's Office.

Can't I just get the instructor to give me permission to get in a class?
No. In the Department of Communication Studies, only the Department Head can allow students into courses. Instructors cannot automatically admit you if (a) you have not completed the pre-requisites, (b) you are not a fully declared major/minor or (c) the class is full.

Why do I have an advising hold? How do I get it removed?
All freshmen and undeclared majors have advising holds. The reason for this is to make sure that these students consult with their advisors. You may get your hold removed by meeting with your advisor. Your advisor will then contact the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator who will electronically remove the hold. You cannot call and have the hold removed without meeting with someone about your schedule. You also should allow time to meet with your advisor and for removal of the hold. For freshman, your advisors are one of the two following Communication Studies undergraduate advisors:
  • Marilyn Shaw, Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, 319-273-7478, 369 Lang Hall
  • Lori Johnson, Undergraduate Advisor, 319-273-3792, 333 Lang Hall

When you consult with an advisor, make sure to bring your Advisement Report ("expand all" before your print, so all of the information is viewable), your Shopping Cart printout, and your Student ID number.

They will assist you and ask for information in order to get your advisor hold lifted.

I'm a pre-major and the computer says there are seats in the class but it won't let me register. Why?
The class is open only to fully admitted majors/minors. This means that only fully admitted majors/minors will be allowed to enroll.