October 18, 2013
Department of Communication Studies
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614


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Workshop Summary

Creative Storytelling (Julie Kraft)

How do you tell a story on television after it's happened and you have no video? What if you can't get an interview--do you still have a story? See examples from around the country of how reporters and photographers are telling stories in creative ways, sometimes with limited video or no sound! You can tell a good TV story if you think creatively. This session promises lots of video examples of great storytelling.

Covering Tragedies: Be Swift, Sensitive & Sure (Jaime Copley, Jerry Gallagher, Dennis Kinney & Mike Verlo)

News can happen at any time, and reporters are expected to know how to cover breaking stories. Hear from experts who have covered breaking stories and what it takes to deliver a high-quality account of fast-breaking news. Learn the skills it takes to identify the story, gather information and write a concise piece- sometimes at breathtaking speed. TOP

Follow That Viewer! Audience Measurement in a Fragmented Media Landscape (Jarvis Schuckman). TOP

40 Year Play-by-Play Journey ( Deene Ehlis)OP

From Mild to Wild: Weather Forecasting in the Midwest (Fred Hexom)P

From On the Field to In the Field (Justin Surrency)                              

Innovations in Media (Julie Kraft)

Come see examples of innovation at work at television stations. You'll see the latest ways TV stations are doing live shots without a live truck, how some stations are capturing hard-to-get video, and other innovations out there.TOP

Life Happens (Pat Blank & Dennis Lowe)P

Motion Graphics (Calvin Johannsen)TOP

News Directors: An Insider’s View of the Newsroom (Adam Carros, Dave Busiek, Rod Peterson, Dan Schillinger & Mike Verlo)

Passion Projects: Getting Paid to do What You Love (Calvin Johannsen)TOP

Stand-Out Resumes: An Insider’s View (Teresa Hein)

Industry recruitment specialist Teresa Hein has viewed resume tapes for hundreds of TV hopefuls. Learn how to produce a resume tape that stands out from the rest. Aimed at entry-level journalists who want on-camera experience.TOP

Revenues, Ratings and Realities (Steve Martinson & Keith Donovan)TOP

The Fast Changing World of Post-Production (Tim Seelinger)

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