October 18, 2013
Department of Communication Studies
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614


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This event is generously sponsored by the Iowa Broadcasters Association.


What 2012 attendees said about the Fast Forward Workshop


  • "It motivated me Alot ! It showed me I can do Alot more than I thought I could."

  • "I've been inspired to be more committed to my work. Do things now, while I have the resources. I have learned the importance of networking."

  • "Loved the sessions, awesome day."

  • "This is my 4th year attending. It's a great program. Hope I am successful after graduating in May & can come back one day to speak to students."

  • "Thank you!"

  • "Definitely a good workshop & is needed!!"

  • "Inspiration. Confirmation."

  • "Validation! Having had experiences coming into college and this workshop, I've felt validated for these experiences. The professionals brought in today truly offer credible advice and assistance."


What 2011 attendees said about the Fast Forward Workshop


  • "it went above and beyond my expectations.

  • "This was perfect. I truly feel better and more at ease for my future."

  • "This workshop was an awesome way to learn about this business outside the classroom & I'll benefit from it in the long run."

  • "I would recommend this workshop to people interested in media."


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