Department of Communication Studies

Faculty Publications and Works

The Faculty of the Department of Communication Studies at UNI have produced a rich collection of scholarly and creative works.  Below is a list of recent publications and productions.

beall book 10th edition

William J. Seiler, Melissa L. Beall, Joseph P. Mazer, Communication: Making Connections 10e (Pearson, 2017).

 burtis book


John O. Burtis and Paul D. Turman, Leadership as Citizenship: Give direction to your team, organization, or community as a doer, follower, guide, manager, or leader. (Sage, 2010).

Burtis book 2

John O. Burtis and Paul D. Turman, Group Communication Pitfalls: Overcoming Barriers to an Effective Group Experience (Sage, 2006).

communication research methods book

April Chatham-Carpenter, Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco, Tom Hall, Christopher R. Martin, and Catherine Helen Palczewski, Foundations of Communication Research Methods: Qualitative, Quantitative & Rhetorical Approaches to the Study of Communications (UNI Department of Communication Studies, 2014).

 joyce chen website


Joyce Chen, African American Voices of the Cedar Valley (2005 - ).

 sarina chen book

Shing-Ling Sarina Chen, Mark D. Johns, and G. Jon Hall, Online Social Research (Peter Lang, 2003).

 Gender in Communication

Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco, Catherine Helen Palczewski, Danielle Dick McGeough, Gender in Communication: A Critical Approach, 2e (Sage, 2013)

 fabos book

Bettina Fabos, Wrong Turn on the Information Superhighway: Education and the Commercialization of the Internet (Columbia University Teachers College Press, 2004).

media in society book

Richard Campbell, Joli Jensen, Douglas Gomery, Bettina G. Fabos, Julie Frechette, Media in Society (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2014).

 media and culture 10 e

Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin, and Bettina Fabos, Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age 10e (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2015).

 Media Essentials 3e

Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin, and Bettina Fabos, Media Essentials: A Brief Introduction 3e (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2015). 

 framed book

Christopher R. Martin, Framed! Labor and the Corporate Media (Cornell University/ILR Press, 2003).

 ogbondah book

Chris W. Ogbondah, State-Press Relations In Nigeria (1993-1998) - Human Rights and Democratic Development (Spectrum Books, 2003).

 Tallgrass Prairie documentary


David O'Shields, America's Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie (2005).

disturbing argument book cover

Catherine Helen Palczewski, Disturbing Argument (Routledge, 2014).

 rhetoric in civic life 2nd edition

Catherine Helen Palczewski, Richard Ice, and John Fritch, Rhetoric in Civic Life, 2nd ed. (Strata Publishing, 2016).

Argumentation and Advocacy cover

Catherine Helen Palczewski and John Fritch, co-editors of Argumentation and Advocacy, a journal of the American Forensic Association. Twelve issues. (2011-2013).

 pohl book

Gayle Pohl, No Mulligans Allowed: Strategically Plotting Your Public Relations Course 2e (Kendall Hunt, 2008).

paradise show poster

Paul J. Siddens III, Just Another Day in Paradise (director and designer;  co-writer, with Emma Nichols Chase, Katie Grassi, Nathan Greve, Luke Hansen, Peter Seifert, Philippa Siddens, and Hayley White, 2014)

siddens - no exit

Paul J. Siddens III, No Exit (designer and director, 2012).

sons of jacob synagogue poster

Francesca Soans (co-director, with Bob Neymeyer), Sons of Jacob Synagogue (2013).

 Rebirth video


Francesca Soans, Rebirth (2010).

 notes towards a history video

Francesca Soans, Notes Towards a History (2002).