Department of Communication Studies

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Communication Studies: Journalism Courses

COMM J 1755 (48J:007). Reporting Methodologies and Sources — 3 hrs.

Emphasis on information gathering techniques for the mass media, including examination of search strategies, sources, and news values. (Fall, Spring)

COMM J 2755 (48J:071). News Writing for Print Media — 3 hrs.

Principles and practice of writing, editing, and compiling news for the print media. Prerequisite(s): COMM COR 1010 (48J:002); COMM J 1755 (48J:007). (Fall, Spring)

COMM J 3179 (48J:179). Cooperative Education.


COMM J 3755 (48J:174). Online Journalism — 3 hrs.

Writing and developing online journalism, including web pages with audio slide shows, interactive timelines, motion graphics, video, and podcasts. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or consent of instructor. (Fall, Spring)

COMM J 3756 (48J:172). Editing and Design — 3 hrs.

Copyreading, proofreading, writing headlines; studying make-up, typography, and photography. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or consent of instructor. (Fall, Spring)

COMM J 3900 (48J:197). Internship in Journalism — 1-6 hrs.

Students complete academic assignments in conjunction with intensive work in a specialized area on-site at an organization. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite(s): junior standing; internship coordinator approval. See the internship coordinator for additional departmental requirements. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

COMM J 4711/5711 (48J:121g). History of Mass Communication — 3 hrs.

Development of the structure, economics, and content of communication in the United States; examination of significant persons and events contributing to the technological, economic, and social development of mass media. Equal emphasis on print and electronic media. Prerequisite(s): COMM COR 1010 (48J:002); junior standing. (Spring)

COMM J 4715/5715 (48J:178g). Specialized Reporting: (Topics) — 3 hrs.

Prepares students to gather and report news in specialized areas such as business, education, sports, science, health, environmental issues, and international affairs. Two or three topics to be included in each offering of the course; topics indicated in Schedule of Classes. May be repeated more than once on different topic. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or consent of instructor; junior standing. (Variable)

COMM J 4735/5735 (48J:171g). Advanced Reporting — 3 hrs.

Gathering information and writing and editing of complex news stories; emphasis on advanced techniques of interviewing, journal research, and personal observation. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071); junior standing. (Fall, Spring)

COMM J 4743/5743 (48J:132g). Mass Communication Law and Ethics — 3 hrs.

Origins and backgrounds of mass communication law and ethics, including that in journalism and public relations. Contemporary problems and issues in mass communication-related law and ethics. Libel, fair trial, law, and self-regulation in journalism, public relations, and advertising. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Fall, Spring)

COMM J 4754/5754 (48J:151g). Global Mass Communication Systems — 3 hrs.

Media practices and philosophies in the major regions of the world. Government and economic structures of global communications processes and practices. Prerequisite(s): COMM COR 1010 (48J:002); junior standing. (Fall)

COMM J 4765/5765 (48J:176g). Feature Writing — 3 hrs.

Writing and marketing different types of articles for various publications. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or ENGLISH 2015 (620:015) or consent of instructor; junior standing. (Spring)