Founded in 1991, the Association for Chinese Communication Studies (ACCS) is an ethnically inclusive, non-profit professional organization with a mission to promote the study of Chinese communication behaviors. It is officially affiliated with the National Communication Associationnca logo, the largest communication association in the world, and a member of the International Federation of Communication Association. The ACCS has co-sponsored different professional conferences, including the 2001 annual convention of Chinese Communication Society in Hong Kong and the 2009 convention of China Association of Intercultural Communication in Beijing. Members are active scholars, teachers, students and practitioners in communication and related fields.

ACCS annual membership fee is US$10 for regular members and US$5.00 for student members. For membership inquiries, please contact ACCS Secretary.

ACCS Newsletter is the official newsletter of ACCS. It is published biannually in May and November and mailed to all members.

All paid members are included in an e-mail distribution list for official announcements. This list is updated regularly by the President based on the membership information provided by the Secretary.

Dear ACCS Members:

I am incredibly honored and excited to serve as president of ACCS. This association has been a cross-cultural hub for scholars of Chinese Communication Studies for 24 years. Though I have been a member of ACCS for only six years, involvement in this network of passionate and dedicated scholars has vastly enriched my academic experience. The ACCS is remarkable for its ethnic inclusivity, dedication to advancing scholarship on Chinese communication, mentorship of new scholars and efforts to establish connections with other associations of like kind.

The 2015-2016 Term will continue to bring excitement to ACCS. We were successfully registered as a legal non-profit organization and our status as an affiliate of NCA has been successfully renewed thanks to the leadership of Dr. Qi Wang and Dr. Joyce Chen, along with the efforts of other members. Now we embark on a new phase in the development of ACCS as we explore the opportunity to apply for a Chinese Communication caucus or division. Many thanks are due to our past president, Dr. Hairong Feng, for initiating discussion of this development, and, like her, I urge everyone to bring their thoughts and suggestions on this topic to the annual business meeting at the NCA convention in Las Vegas.


A Message
Dr. Rya Butterfield

ACCS President 2015-2016

Nicholls State University

In participation with new leaders, past leaders, and all ACCS members, I hope to contribute to the ongoing development and expansion of ACCS. My initial efforts will be directed toward engaging and enabling further consideration of expanding ACCS to a caucus or division and to increasing the visibility of ACCS and ACCS members in academic circles and members' local communities. I will circulate ideas regarding these topics in the lead up to this year's business meeting and encourage all members to respond with feedback and suggestions.

ACCS members will have full plates at this year's convention. In addition to our annual dinner and social event, there is a rich array of paper sessions on the ACCS program. Deep gratitude goes to Dr. Qi Wang for convention planning, and many thanks to all the members who submitted research, reviewed submissions, and offered service as respondents and chairs. Further, it is very exciting that Dr. Changfu Chang's documentary film "Ricki's Promise" was competitively selected to be one of seven films shown at the first NCA Film Festival screening. I hope we can all attend to support his accomplishment.

I'm pleased to work alongside the newly elected officers of 2015-2016: Dr. Meina Liu, vice president, George Washington University; and Amy Wu, newsletter editor, Ph.D. student at University of Maryland. Great thanks are due to the nomination committee - Bing Han, Xiaowei Shi, and Song Shi - for their service.

I'd like to close my letter by commending Dr. Joyce Chen, recipient of the ACCS Outstanding Service Award, and Chiaoning Su, recipient of the Dr. D. Ray Heisey Graduate Scholarship Award. These two members are role models for faculty members and student members respectively. They exemplify the high standards of scholarship and strong commitment to academic community that make membership in ACCS such a deeply rewarding experience.

I urge all graduate students to apply for the Dr. D. Ray Heisey Graduate Student Scholarship, established to honor a long-term ACCS member and renowned scholar. Visit for details on how to apply.

Everyone, please continue to support ACCS. To start or renew membership contact our Secretary/Treasurer Chiaoning Su at and keep up-to-date with ACCS at

I am eager to see you all in Las Vegas!


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