Founded in 1991, the Association for Chinese Communication Studies (ACCS) is an ethnically inclusive, non-profit professional organization with a mission to promote the study of Chinese communication behaviors. It is officially affiliated with the National Communication Associationnca logo, the largest communication association in the world, and a member of the International Federation of Communication Association. The ACCS has co-sponsored different professional conferences, including the 2001 annual convention of Chinese Communication Society in Hong Kong and the 2009 convention of China Association of Intercultural Communication in Beijing. Members are active scholars, teachers, students and practitioners in communication and related fields.

ACCS annual membership fee is US$10 for regular members and US$5.00 for student members. For membership inquiries, please contact ACCS Secretary.

ACCS Newsletter is the official newsletter of ACCS. It is published biannually in May and November and mailed to all members.

All paid members are included in an e-mail distribution list for official announcements. This list is updated regularly by the President based on the membership information provided by the Secretary.

Dear ACCS Members:

I hope you are having a peaceful and productive year. It is my great honor to serve as the 2013-2014 president of the Association for Chinese Communication Studies (ACCS). With me stand a group of dedicated ACCS officers: Hairong Feng (Vice President), Qi Tang (Secretary/ Treasurer), Chiao-Ning Su (Newsletter Editor), Shuo Yao (Research Chair), Yahui Zhang (External Affairs Chair), and Wuyu Liu (Student Committee Chair). Most of them have served our association over years, and new joiners have shown no less passion to serve. I feel fortunate to work with this team. Thank Mei Zhang for an excellent job chairing the election committee. Meanwhile, I want to thank Qin Zhang, Joy Chao, Joyce Chen, Canchu Lin, and our founder, Guoming Chen. Each of them has influenced me with his or her unique merits. Their leadership and dedication has become a symbolic asset, passing from veterans to new members. My biggest thanks go to our ACCS members, whose unceasing support have made the ACCS stay strong.

The ACCS was founded as an NCA affiliate in 1991, with the mission to promote Chinese communication. Two decades later, the association has gained positive recognition and steady growth in both size and quality. In 2011-2012, we had 78 active members, although the yahoo interest group had a more impressive number. We are at a point that applying for a caucus or division status becomes possible. No matter whether this is the direction to go, the strong support has demonstrated the members’ faith, which is essential for any association’s growth.

This year, with Joy Chao’s perpetual efforts in conference planning, we have maintained eight sessions, including the business meeting, five paper sessions and two panels, one of which is a tribute to our own, internationally renowned scholar, Dr. William Starosta. I hope to see many of you there. The other panel features a discussion on Chinese scholar’s surviving and thriving in career and personal life. The five paper sessions cover a large range of topics, from interpersonal communication to state-level interactions. Our business meeting is at Marriott Virginia C Lobby Level at 2-3:15 on Friday, November 22. Please come in and enjoy the presentations.

Besides its Chinese nexus position at NCA, ACCS has also established connections with other domestic Chinese or international associations. This year, ACCS continues to co-sponsor the10th International Conference of China Association for Intercultural Communication (CAFIC) in Haikou on Nov. 21-24. These joint conferences allow ideas to sparkle and networking to start or continue. I hope that collaborations at the organizational level trickles down to the individual level, be it research-, teaching-, or exchange program related. Eventually, motivated individuals propel developments, which brings the development of the organization. The interdependence is key.

For graduate students, consider applying for Dr. D. Ray Heisey Graduate Student Scholarship. Dr. Heisey was Director and Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at Kent State University, and a long-term ACCS member. His research has had extensive influence in the intercultural communication field. He had taught in China and published many studies on Chinese communication. This scholarship was established to commemorate him and to assist young talented minds. Please see details at

Last but not least, I want to express what ACCS perhaps attracts its members perhaps the most: its focus on building a strong community and fostering mutual care among the members. Some members have established great friendships through ACCS. Some consider it an inviting group to give or receive advice. However, harmony does not equal conformity. Ideas, suggestions, and critiques are all welcome. Only through open communication can we grow together. Let’s keep the dialogue going, discover the best ways to serve the ACCS, and allow the ACCS to serve its members. Please contact Dr. Qi Tang at to join the association or reactivate your membership. Feel free to contact me with any issue related to ACCS. Thank you and best wishes to you all.


A Message
Dr. Qi Wang

ACCS President 2013-2014

Villanova University



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