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The Deadline for accepting applications is 5 pm Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

IBA Scholarship 2015 UNI Electronic Media Scholarship:


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Note to Applicants: Submit this online application form first and then upload all required documents listed below at <http://www.uni.edu/comstudy/IBA/application_document.htm> :
1. 1-3 page typewritten statement of: (a) career goals in broadcasting; (b) the importance of scholarship in reaching your career goals in broadcasting; (c) the importance of a university education to you; and (d) the skills and interests you have which would contribute to a career in broadcasting.

2.Current Academic Transcript (may be a photocopied)

3. Two or More Letters of Recommendation: 1 or more from an Academic reference and 1 from a non-academic reference

Dr. Bankston will send you an email to inform you the reception of your submission.