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Executive Management Team


The UNI Executive Management Team will meet on a regular basis and address issues that affect the entire university.  The Team is charged with framing policy and procedures, making recommendations to the President and ensuring decisions reached by the Executive Management Team and Cabinet are effectively implemented.  The Executive Management Team is also charged with aligning the University’s Strategic Plan and available resources to ensure the University fulfills its mission.


The membership of the President's Executive Management Team is determined by the President.

Current Membership

William Ruud                   


Lisa Baronio

Vice President for University Advancement/President of the Foundation

Mary Braun

State Relations Officer

Troy Dannen

Director of Athletics

Pat Geadelmann

Special Assistant to the President for Board & Governmental Relations

Leah Gutknecht

Assistant to the President for Compliance & Equity Management

Michael Hager

Senior Vice President for Administration & Financial Services

Terry Hogan

Vice President for Student Affairs

Scott Ketelsen

Director of University Relations

Matt Kroeger

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Jim Wohlpart

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Marty Mark

Chief Information Officer

Tim McKenna

University Counsel