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Maucker Union Advisory Board


The Maucker Union Advisory Board, a standing University committee, oversees the general operation of Maucker Union and supports Maucker Union programming efforts. It is an advisory body that plays an important role in assisting the staff, providing guidance about policies, and generally helping Maucker Union to continually provide a wide range of quality service for the campus community. Maucker Union staff members formulate policies and procedures which are generally reviewed by the Board.


The Board consists of 5 students at large appointed by the Board, 3 students at large appointed by NISG, 1 CME student representative, 1 International Student Program student representative, 1 DOR Dining Services student representative, 1 general Maucker Union student employee student representative, 2 faculty/staff representatives appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs, 1 Maucker operations staff member, 1 Maucker student activities staff member, and the Director of the Union as ex-officio and Secretary to the Board. All terms are one-year terms expiring on September 30 of the year following appointment.


The board shall meet at least once a month during the regular academic year. The power to call special meetings shall reside with the Director of the Union, subject to approval of the President of Union Advisory Board, or the majority of the Board members.

Current Membership:   
Student Members
Joel Anderson Advisory Board President
Adam Haselhuhn Advisory Board Vice President
Adam Beaves At-Large Appointment
Kody BellachMaucker Union Student Employee Appointment
Polina BogomolovaAt-Large Appointment
Selso CasaresCenter Multicultural Education Appointment
Raychael GarringerAt-Large Appointment
Quinn JonesAt-Large Appointment
Nan LiangInternational Services Appointment
Chris MillerAt-Large Appointment
Deanna NortonDOR/Dining Services Appointment
Bart UpahAt-Large Appointment
Non-Student Members
Lisa KratzDirector and Advisory Board Advisor
Mike BobeldykAssociate Director Maucker Union
Bryan BeardsleyBusiness & Operations Manager Maucker Union
Sarah GoblirschEmployer Relations Coordinator Career Services
Shelley PruessEssentials Manager Department of Residence