Academic Affairs Council

The Academic Affairs Council advises the Provost on academic matters, including policy, programs, budget and personnel.

Current Membership:

Gloria Gibson

Executive Vice President and Provost

Shashi Kaparthi

Chief Information Officer

Christy Twait

Assistant Provost for Sponsored Programs

Michael Licari

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs/Dean, Graduate College

Nancy Lippens

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Craig Klafter

Associate Provost for International Programs

Farzad Moussavi

Dean, College of Business Administration

Dwight Watson

Dean, College of Education

Joel Haack

Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Brenda Bass

Interim Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Kent Johnson

Dean, Continuing Education and Special Programs

Christopher Cox

Dean, Rod Library

Patricia Woelber

Administrative Assistant to Executive VP & Provost