Post BA Plan of Study

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Post BA Plan of Study

Major Courses are CSD xxxx

JuniorFALL:JuniorSPRING:Junior SUMMER: 
1000 Understanding Com Dis*33100 Lang. Acq: Birth to 5 3xxxx Course Title    0
4100 Augmentative Com (opt.)*23101 Analysis Lab1xxxx Course Title    0
xxxx Course Title03120 Phonetics3xxxx Course Title 0
xxxx Course Title03135 Anat & Phys of Sp Mech3
xxxx Course Title    0xxxx Course Title0
Semester Total5Semester Total10Semester Total15
To Date Total 5To Date Total15To Date Total15
SeniorFALL: SeniorSPRING:

3220 Disorders of Sp. Sounds33250 Speech Science4
3200 Lang. of School Aged Child33270 Intro to Audiology3
3650 Clinical Processes24500 Clinical Practice1
3260 Hearing Science33700 Com Dis & Diff Across Lfspn2
3140 Intro to Neurological Dis24150 Developmental Neuro2
3130 Neuro & Study of Comm4Statistics (STAT 1772/MEASRES 4180)*(3)
3900 Aural Rehabilitation3xxxx Course Title0
Semester Total20Semester Total12/15
To Date Total35To Date Total47/50

As a Post BA student, expect this program to take 3 semesters-beginning in the SPRING! Expect some variability in your individual program due to previous backgrounds and previously earned credit. 

*CSD 1000 Understanding Communicative Disorders- optional, you may take as a graduate student

*CSD 4100 Augmentative Communication-optional, you may take as a graduate student

*Statistics (STAT 1772/MEASRES 4180)- if you have not taken a statistics course as an undergraduate, you will need to take it for Communication Sciences and Disorders.