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Scottish RiteCare Program Schedule

The Scottish RiteCare Early Language Program runs in conjunction with the academic school year at the University of Northern Iowa.

Fall Semester generally starts in late August and runs to mid- December (depending on academic calendar).  The Spring semester generally starts mid to late January and goes to late April.  Future plans will include an 8-week summer session.

The Scottish Rite program is implemented 4 mornings per week, M-Th. The classroom education component is conducted from 9-11:30 a.m. each day.

Individual treatment sessions are generally scheduled 2 days per week for each child, either before the classroom session from 8-8:50, or following, from 11:30-12:20. Individual sessions are scheduled either on MW or TTh, according to family preference if possible. These may be scheduled at other times of the day or week upon request.