Graduate Research Poster Presentations



Performance of Adults Across the Lifespan on Executive Function Tests presented by Claire Davis, Maddisen Hansen, and Tina Kise


A Summary of New Zealand English Dialect and Regional Speech Characteristics presented by Alicia Bellville and Molly Nugent


Phonological Awareness Treatment Using Visual Phonics: A Case Study presented by Kate Schuit and Brittany Sikora


SLP Awareness of Voice Banking presented by Rachel Bassell and Katie Carnelley


 Graduate Research on Oral Narrative/Story Generation presented by Dani Wanninger and Carly Dinnes


The Influence of Bolus Volume on Velopharyngeal and Interlabial Closure Forces presented by Sydney DeMaris, Tasha Koopmans, Lindsay Ellis, Sarah Novak, Todd Bohnenkamp, and Jerald Moon


Reliability, Accuracy, & Refractoriness of a Transit Reaction: Replication with Speech Breathing presented by Kathryn White and Brittney Haskell  


A Survey of Interdisplinary Therapists’ Knowledge and Use of Features Available within AAC Devices, particularly those Featuring Music presented by Kathryn Poorman


Comparative Research on Phonics Program presented by Rebecca Jenkins and Liliana Obando


Bullying in Children with Speech and Language Disabilities: Prevention and Intervention presented by Kelsey Seim and Patrice Mayo