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Strategic Plan

alphabetGoal 1. Enhance our clinical culture

Strategy 1: Maintain our relationships with K-12 schools.

Strategy 2: Maintain our relationships with non-school community sites for clinical practice.

Strategy 3: Expand use of contextualized teaching and learning, particularly problem based learning as a classroom instructional tool.

Strategy 4: Provide opportunities to examine our clinical instruction.

Strategy 5: Expand our service delivery options in the Roy Eblen Speech and Hearing Clinic and the community.

Strategy 6: Facilitate continuity between classroom curricula and clinical practicum activities.


Goal 2. Respond to changes in our professional scope of practice

Strategy 1: Explore options for increasing exposure and experience with the 0-3 Population.

Strategy 2: Maintain our opportunities in the area of accent modification.

Strategy 3: Examine and enhance our clinical and course offerings in the area of literacy and augmentative communication.

Strategy 4: Develop strategies for students to learn about all clinical areas covered by the profession’s scope of practice.


Goal 3. Seek and explore opportunities to participate in activities that are central to the mission of the college and university.

Strategy 1: Seek to participate in projects in common with other departments in the college and university.

Strategy 2: Offer coursework topics of a general nature, which interest a broad segment of the student population.


Goal 4: Enhance department visibility and importance

Strategy 1: Encourage faculty publication.

Strategy 2: Encourage participation in continuing education events and conferences.

Strategy 3. Encourage faculty service in professional issues on college, university, state, national and international stages.


Goal 5: Increase diversity

Strategy 1: Increase enrollment of students from under represented populations.

Strategy 2: I ncrease student exposure to providing services for persons from diverse populations.


Goal 6: Support an international service learning program

Strategy 1: Support faculty efforts to continue developing an international service learning program.

Strategy 2: Support student efforts to participate in an international service learning program.

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