Chelsea Marzen

Why did you choose the UNI College of Education?

I chose the UNI College of Education not only because of its reputation as an excellent program across the state, but across the country as well. Administrators all over the country are looking for well qualified teachers, especially ones from UNI. The UNI college of Education also has small class sizes which accommodate to the learning needs of all students. I have found that being in a classroom of about 30 students gives me more individual time with the professor if necessary, and helps me to form bonds more easily with those professors whom I may use in the future for references.


What academic experiences have had a major impact on you?

Having a well-rounded education that consists of integrating classroom work and field experiences has made a large impact on my college education here at UNI.  These experiences have presented me a diverse set of perspectives on education and teaching which will help me best serve my future students.


How has your College of Education scholarship created opportunities for you?

Receiving a College of Education scholarship has helped to lighten my financial burden.  Not having to work as much allows me more time to focus on my class work and field experiences.


What would you tell a prospective student who's considering the UNI teacher education program?

Working hard, staying organized, and using the resources available will help you to succeed in the UNI teacher education program.

Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Hampton, Iowa