Level II Field Experiences
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The information on this page is intended to support mentoring teachers during the Level II field experience.

Field Experience Guides
>> Level II Experience Guide (Download)
>> Level II Weekly Overview (Download)
>> Student Responsibilities (Download)
>> Lesson Feedback Form (Download)
>> Level II Field Experience Evaluation Form (.pdf file)

Teacher WorkSamples

Example Teacher WorkSamples:
The Following are work samples associated with Level II field experiences.
>> Central Middle School (.pdf file )
>> Edison Elementary School (.pdf file)

>> Level II TeacherWorkSample Template (.pdf file)

Course Syllabi: 2008-2009
Following are examples of course syllabi associated with the Level II field experiences.

This course associated with Level II is called "Learning and Instruction in Classroom Contexts" (200:148).
(Learning and Instruction in Classroom Contexts (Level II))

Course Syllabi: 2009-2010