Nikki King

Why did you choose UNI?

 For the outstanding education program.


Why should students thinking about going into teaching come to UNI? 

Aside from the great programs and professors, the people you will meet are amazing.  You will make friends for life here.  Attending UNI has been everything I ever though college would be. 


How has your academic experience been? Tell us about any great classes or professors that inspired or challenged you. 

My academic experience has been amazing.  I graduated with my BA in December 2011 and I wanted to learn more, so I came back for my MAE.  Some of the most amazing professors I have had have been in the Special Education Department.  I wish everyone in the education program could take more classes within Special Education, not only for the content, but also to make relationships with outstanding professors.  I have been challenged in my thinking and my beliefs while earning my Masters.  I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone, which is going to help make me a better educator. 


Years from now, what will you remember the most about UNI? 

I will remember UNI beating Kansas State!  GO PANTHERS!  I will also remember the professors who molded me into the person that I am.  One day I hope I can be as inspiring to students and help shape them as well.  

Undergrad - Secondary Education English Teaching, Minor - Instructional Strategist II MD Graduate - MAE, Special Education Field Specialization, earning Instructional Strategist I K-8 certification
Algona, IA