Sophie Haarhues, Physical Education with Minor in Stragegist 1 Mild/Moderate



Why did you choose UNI's Teacher Education program?  I chose UNI because it has an excellent teacher program and graduates were more prepared for interviews and teaching than graduates of other colleges.  I want to be able to provide my future students with the best education, that’s why I chose UNI. UNI has great hands-on experience and the best professors. There are so many opportunities to get involved and meet new people. The years spent at UNI are years well spent. 

What current/prior experiences do you have with special education?  In high school I had the privilege to tutor other high school special education students. When I arrived at UNI I got the opportunity to work at NU High School with special education students.  I was able to help students with homework as well as be a friend. I also volunteered at Country View in Waterloo where I helped organize rooms and play fun card games with the residents.  Campus events also have allowed me to get involved. I have also helped with Special Olympics and have been a member of SCEC (Student Council for Exceptional Children) for the last two years.

What is a fond memory of your time spent at UNI?  My fondest memory so far would have to be my Phase I in the Instructional Strategist I Secondary Program.  Being able to work with a student almost every day and watch them improve and grow within a small timeframe was very satisfying. I was able to help an individual improve his vocabulary and reading comprehension skills just by trying different strategies. This experience let me see a glimpse of what my future will look like and how rewarding it is going to be.

Another fond memory is when UNI's men’s basketball team beat Kansas and then I was able to go to St. Louis and watch UNI play Michigan State while being in the front row. UNI has so many great athletic programs and all the games are so much fun to watch.

Once you are at UNI there will be so many fun and exciting opportunities that just choosing one fond memory will be impossible.

Any tips for prospective/current students that are working toward similar degrees?v  The greatest tips I can give is to volunteer and get involved. By volunteering you will be able to help others and gain experience. By getting involved you are able to meet new people and find things that interest you, as well as gain more experience. UNI has so many opportunities so take advantage of them.   

What are your career plans? Where would you like your UNI education to take you?  I would love to be able to get a teaching job on the east side of Iowa near Davenport.  My ideal spot would be Central Community Schools in Dewitt; it has great facilities and a solid network. I feel I would be a great attribute to their school because of all the great experience I have gained from UNI.