Director of Special Education




Endorsement 239

Director of Special Education


Entry point for this endorsement is during the Fall semester.


Students who hold or will be holding a Specialist degree or Masters plus thirty-two (32) semester hours of planned graduate study in Administration or Special Education and hold or meet the requirements for one of the following areas may receive the Director of Special Education endorsement: 1) PK-12 Principal and PK-12 Supervisor of Special Education; 2) Supervisor of Special Education-Instructional; or 3) Supervisor of Special Education-Support. 


Applicants may successfully complete the requirements for the Director Endorsement through one of the following program options from the University of Northern Iowa.

Option 1:  A Doctor of Education - Special Education/Educational Leadership intensive study areas.  [Note: This would be the option for those entering the combined ISA program.]


Option 2:  Endorsement Program - Special Education instructional/supervision/administrator emphasis plus 23 graduate semester hours of special education administration coursework.  [Note: This would be an option for those holding 1, 2, or 3 above and seeking the Special Education Director endorsement] [see BOEE requirements for each area including three (3) years experience as PK-12 principal or PK-12 supervisor of special education.]  Also note: Instructional Supervisor requires two (2) years of consultant/supervisor/coordinator/head teacher experiences and one special education teaching endorsement to include K-8 and 5-12 and Support Supervisor requires four (4) years of support service in school setting with special education students (school audiologist, psychologist, social workers, speech-language pathologist).


Option 3:  A Master's Degree with a Special Education instructional for K-8 and 5-12 endorsement plus thirty-five (35) semester hours of planned study in special education administration.  These hours may have been a part of, or in addition to, the degree requirements. Note: This would be an option for those with a special education teaching certificate and seeking a Field Specialization MAE which includes a Special Education Director endorsement.



EDLEAD 6282  Change and Transformation, 2 Hours

EDLEAD 6232  School Governance, Law, and Intersystems Relations, 3 Hours

EDLEAD 6247  Organization Management: School and Community

EDLEAD 7340  Funding the Educational Program for Improved Student Achievement, 3 Hours

EDLEAD 6260  Special Education Law and Policy, 3 Hours

SPED 7278  Administration of Special Education

SPED 6290  Practicum in Special Education Administration

SPED 6289  Seminar in Special Education [or SPED 7340 Disability), 3 Hours



MEASRES 6205  Educational Research, 3 Hours

EDPSYCH 6214  Foundations of Instructional Psychology, 3 Hours


SOCFOUND 6234  Philosophy of Education, 3 Hours

SPED 6295  Single Subject Research, 3 Hours

SPED 6293  Qualitative Research, 3 Hours


Total Hours:  35 Hours