Movement & Exercise Science

What is Movement and Exercise Science?

The Movement and Exercise Science major prepares students for careers in such diverse areas as the fitness industry, college or university strength programs for athletes, hospital or business wellness programs, sport psychology,  and for more advanced professional degrees such as physical therapy,  chiropractics and medicine.

 What will I do with a major in Movement and Exercise Science? 

 Graduates with a major in Movement and Exercise Science acquire the following types of jobs:  personal trainer, exercise instructor/leader in commercial fitness facilities and wellness programs, strength and conditioning coach, youth sports coach, motivational trainer, sport psychology consultant.  Because of their background in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, some graduates are employed in medical device sales and pharmacological sales.

Where can I work? 

 Commercial fitness and performance facilities, work-site wellness programs, hospital-based wellness programs, college and university wellness and athletic programs, school-based athletic programs.

Why should I study Movement and Exercise Science at UNI? 

 The vast majority of classes taken for the  Movement and Exercise Major are taught by full-time faculty, not graduate assistants This results in high quality instruction and easy access to faculty.  Class sizes are generally 25 students or less and instructors are available for appointments on a regular schedule.  Most classes incorporate laboratory experiences and experiential learning which enhances the learning of content.  Our laboratories have the latest in technology and equipment.  Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects.  Students interested in Strength and Conditioning have the opportunity to work with the UNI strength coaches and athletes. 



Movement and Exercise Science requires a minimum of 120 hours to graduate.  These hours include Liberal Arts Core requirements, major requirements and electives.