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The University of Northern Iowa has a distinguished group of alumni which continues to grow in size each year.  The names of alumni are taken from class rosters; however we depend upon our alumni to let us know if they are pursuing a degree in higher education, where they are employed, etc.  We are only able to update information when we get it from our alumni.  Please encourage classmates to keep their information updated.


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Alumni Directory


A - B

Abel, Renae, Class of 2007- Hedrick, Iowa.

Abernathy, Chrissy, Class of 2015 - Indianola, Iowa.

Aguilera, Daniel, Class of 2005 - Manly, Iowa. 

Alderson, Lindsey, Class of 2006 - Wadena, Iowa.

Allenstein, Ashley, Class of 2015 - Clear Lake, Iowa.

An, Jennifer, Class of 2012 - Park City, Illinois.

Atherton, Maggie, Class of 2012 - Mason City, Iowa

Bahnsen, Joe, Class of 2010 - Center Point, Iowa.

Bass, Ashley, Class of 2012 - Raymond, Iowa

Bartels, Michelle, Class of 2010 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Bawek, Jake, Class of 2011 - Delaware, Iowa.

Bengston, Lisa, MS, Class of 2011 - Alta, Iowa.

Bennett, Jennifer, Class of 2012 - Agency, Iowa.

Benning, Andrew, MS, Class of 2011 - Harvel, Illinois.

Bird, Rebecca, ATC, LAT, Class of 2006 (MS) - Menomonie, Wisconsin.  Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin.

Boatwright, Jessica, Class of 2012 - Runnells, Iowa.

Boddicker, Autum - see Lopata.   

Bolten, Elizabeth, Class of 2015 - Des Moines, Iowa.

Borchers, Mandy, MS, ATC, CSCS, Class of 2006 - Orange City, Iowa.  Employed by Henry County Health Center working at Iowa Wesleyan College, Associate Athletic Trainer, Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  E-mail:  Cell #:  (563) 581-3085.

Bradley, Stephanie, Class of 2006 - Waterloo, Iowa. 

Briggs, Dustin, MS, ATC, LAT, Class of 2003 - Hometown: New Sharon, IA.  Central College, Assistant Athletic Trainer/Clinical Instructor, 812 University, Campus Box 6600, Pella, IA 50219.  E-mail:  Phone:  (641) 628-5328.

Buchheit, Paul, ATC, LAT, Class of 2006 (MS) - Sioux City, IA.  Undergraduate: Buena Vista University.

Buchholz, Natalie, Class of 2008 - Readlyn, Iowa. 

Burger, Bethany, - see Jacobsen

Burnett, Muriel, Class of 2015, Dayton, Iowa.



C - D

Carroll, Andrew, Class of 2012 - Avoca, Iowa.

Cerullo, Chad, MS, ATC, Class of 2006 (MS) - Westmont, Illinois.  Undergraduate: University of Iowa.

Chalupsky, Stacy A.,  ATC, Class of 2002.

Chapman, Diane - see Lloyd

Chase, Jess, LAT, Class of 2006 (MS) - Undergraduate:  Central College. 

Clasen, Deanna, Class of 2011 - Humboldt, Iowa.

Clos, Sarah, Class of 2012, Evansdale, Iowa.

Cole, Jessica, Class of 2010 - West Des Moines, Iowa. 

Collin, Luke, Class of 2005 - York, Nebraska.

Conway, Darryl, MA, ATC - Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine; University of Maryland, Gossett Football Team House, College Park, MD 20742.  (301) 314-2663.  E-mail:

Cook, Amanda, PT, DPT ATC, LAT, Class of 2004 - Inpatient Physical Therapist, Renown Regional Medical Center, 1155 Mill St., Q11, Reno, NV 89502.  (775) 982-5827.  E-mail:

Cory, Ashley, Class of 2010 - Marion, Iowa.

Cox, Curtis, Class of 2010 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Craig, Nicole, Class of 2007 (MS) - Clermont, Iowa.  Undergraduate: University of Northern Iowa. 

Darroch, Danielle, Class of 2015 - St. Charles, Iowa.

DeLong, Isaac, Class of 2006 - San Antonio, Texas.

Derby, Chad, Class of 2008 - Glenwood, Iowa. William Penn University, Assistant athletic trainer, Oskaloosa, IA.  Email:

Devaney, Ben, Class of 2006 - Anamosa, Iowa.

Dhalber, Jamie, MHR, ATC, LAT, Class of 2001 - Enid, Oklahoma.

Dickey, Ashley, Class of 2007 - Ankeny, Iowa.

Diercks, Jonny, Class of 2012 - Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Divis, Wendy, Class of 2006 - LuVerne, Iowa.

Doble, Megan, Class of 2008 - Garner, Iowa.


E - F


Eberling, Abigail, Class of 2015 - Postville, Iowa.

Elbert, Adam, Class of 2012 - Royal, Iowa.

Elbert, Mason, Class of 2008 - Whittemore, Iowa.

Elder, Allison, MS, LAT, ATC, Class of 2009 - West Des Moines, Iowa.  Western Michigan University (MS - 2011). Athletic Trainer at Huntington North High School, Fort Wayne, IN.  Email:

Elgin, Jennifer, Class of 2009.  ATC, AthletiCo.  Email:

Engel, Jamie - see Dhalber

Epping, Lisa, Class of 2007 - Sanborn, Iowa.

Ericksen, Hayley, MS. ATC, LAT, Class of 2007 - Cedar Falls, IA.  University of Toledo, Toledo, OH (MS); currently working on PhD in kinesiology/athletic training at University of Toledo.  E-mail:; cell #:  (319) 290-5579.

Erickson, Eddie, Class of 2007 - Dike, Iowa.

Ferguson, Kayla, Class of 2008 - Marquette, Iowa.

Fernau, Melissa, Class of 2012 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Fisher, Miranda, Class of 2008 - Blairstown, Iowa.

Fisher, Reilly, ATC, LAT, Class of 2010 - Blairstown, Iowa.  Boise State University, Idaho, currently working on Masters in Kinesiology with emphasis in Biophysical Studies.  Working as a GA Athletic Trainer with the Wrestling program.  E-mail:; cell # (319) 361-4889, work # (208) 426-3944.

Fitzl, Debra, Class of 2005 - Plymouth, Iowa.  Head Athletic Trainer, University of Illinois, Springfield, IL.  Email:

Fleagle, Scott, Class of 2010 - West Des Moines, Iowa.

Fonkert, Ryan, Class of 2008 - Waverly, Iowa.

Franklin, Cassie, ATC, LAT, Class of 2004.

Frett, Rae'lyn, Class of 2011 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Fricke, Dave, ATC, LAT, Class of 2006 (MS).

Frost, Alex, Class of 2007 - Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Fulton, Becky, Class of 2010 - Decorah, Iowa.


G - H

Gaskill, Scott,  Class of 2006 - Lake Mills, Iowa.

Gilman, Suzy - see Malloy

Gerjerts. Patricia E., MS, ATC.

Gerjerts, Payten,  MS, ATC, Class of 2004.

Gessell, Becky, Class of 2011 - Riceville, Iowa.

Goerdt, Kelli, Class of 2010 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Gorsch, Kori, Class of 2006 - Van Horne, Iowa.

Grabinoski, Grant, Class of 2015 - Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Graham, Jenna, ATC, Class of 2006 (MS) - Mason City, Iowa.  Undergraduate: Iowa State University.

Haak, Tricia, Class of 2006 (MS) - Greene, Iowa.  Undergraduate:  University of Northern Iowa.  Clinical Coordinator, UNI, Cedar Falls, IA.  Email:

Haberichter, Molly, Class of 2010 - Waukon, Iowa.

Hahn, Hayley - see Ericksen

Hanawalt, Melissa, Class of 2011 - Dunkerton, Iowa.

Hargis, Caitlin, Class of 2008 - Huxley, Iowa. Assistant Athletic Trainer, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO.  Email:

Harris, Whitney, Class of 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Harthan, Brandon, Class of 2012 - Ventura, Iowa.

Henkes, Jessica, Class of 2005 - McGregor, Iowa.

Hernandez, Jose, Class of 2015, Ackley, Iowa.

Hesse, Jacob, ATC, LAT, CSCS , Class of 2007 - Denver, Iowa.  Program Manager; Olmsted Medical Center, Rochester, MN.  Cell #: (319) 404-5720;

Heyer, Kate, LAT, ATC, CMT, Class of 2008 - Eldridge, Iowa. Indiana University (Bloomington), May 2011. E-mail:  Cell #: (563) 340-2405. 

Hill, Rhonda - see Thompson

Hirano, Toshiro, MS, Class of 2011 - Suzuka, Japan.

Hoelscher, Dallas, Class of 2011 - Odebolt, Iowa.

Hogan, Dylan, MS, Class of 2011 - Ridgeway, Missouri.

Huddleston, Lora, Class of 2005 - Dunkerton, Iowa.

Hughes, Katie, Class of 2006 - Chicago, Illinois.

Hynes, Jaime,  Class of 2011 - Spencer, Iowa.


I - J

Ikanovic, Arman, Class of 2011 - Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Ingram, Joel, Class of 2015, Marshalltown, Iowa.

Ingram, Matthew, Class of 2012 - Marshalltown, Iowa.

Issacson, Michelle, Class of 2006 - Des Moines, Iowa.

Jacobsen, Bethany, PT, ATC, Class of 2001 - Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Agape Therapy, Cedar Falls, Ia and Dike-New Hartford School District.  E-mail:

Janning, Jack, Class of 2007 - Carroll, Iowa.

Javellana - see Gerjerts

Jasper, Jayme, Class of 2005 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Jedlicka, Andrew, Class of 2010 -  Tipton, Iowa. 

Johnson, Erin, Class of 2015 - Belmond, Iowa.

Johnson, Kristine - see Miller

Johnson, Maria, Class of 2015 - Clemons, Iowa.


K - L

Kavanaugh, Cassie, ATC, Class of 2008 - Lohrville, Iowa.  University of Kentucky (second year graduate student), graduate position at Madison Central High School, athletic trainer.  E-mail:  Cell #: (712)292-0680.

Kelly, Katie, Class of 2005 - Eldridge, Iowa.

Kerr, Emily, Class of 2012 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Klapperich, Allison, Class of 2009.  ATC, Physiotherapy Associates, Des Moines, IA.  Email:

Knapper, John, Class of 2015 - Forest City, Iowa.

Knothe, Kim, Class of 2008 - Madison, Wisconsin.

Koch, Rachel, Class of 2008 - Ames, Iowa.

Kragenbrink, Kaelene, Class of 2015 - Dubuque, Iowa.

Krusey, Candace, Class of 2006 - Aplington, Iowa.

Langner, Keri,  Class of 2011 - Gowrie, Iowa. 

Laube, Heidi, Class of 2006 - Waldorf College, Head Athletic Trainer, (641) 585-8394.  E-mail:

Lawson, Natalia, Class of 2010 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Leanard, Kristin, Class of 2005 - Sioux City, Iowa.

Ledvina, Steven, Class of 2012 - Toledo, Iowa.

Liebe, Alicia, Class of 2010 - Washington, Iowa.

Liebold, Marie, Class of 2002 - MS from University of Central Florida in Exercise Physiology.  Southwest Orthopedics, DME Coordinator, Glen Carbon, Illinois.  E:mail:  Cell #:  (618)363-8398.

Link, Emily, ATC, LAT, Class of 2012 (MS) - Holy Cross, IA.  Undergraduate: University of Northern Iowa. 

Lloyd, Diane, ATC, LAT, MS, Class of 1980 - Sioux City, IA.  Andrews High School, Head Athletic Trainer, Andrews, Texas.  E-mail:  Cell #: (575) 318-9694.

Lockard, Scott, ATC, LAT, Class of 2009 (MS) - Oelwein, Iowa.  Undergraduate: UNI, Class of 2007.  NE Iowa Physical Therapy, Clinic/Outreach Athletic Trainer and Waterloo Columbus High School, Head Athletic Trainer/ACI.  E-mail:  Cell #: (319) 404-5674.

Long, Nick, Class of 2011 - Mount Vernon, Iowa.

Lopata, Autum, ATC, LAT, Class of 2003 - Center Point, Iowa.  E-mail:  Cell #: (319) 310-2570.

Loutsch, Joseph, Class of 2008 - LeMars, Iowa.

Luders, Erin, class of 2006 - Garner, Iowa.

Lundberg, Amanda - see Borchers

Lunsford, Don, Class of 2008 - Marshalltown, Iowa.

Luzum, Katie, ATC, LAT, Class of 2012 (MS) - Festina, IA.  Undergraduate: Simpson College.


M - N - O - P

Maass, Will, Class of 2012 - DeWitt, Iowa.

Madsen, Steph, Class of 2007 - Malvern, Iowa.

Malloy, Suzy, PT, DPT, ATC, Class of 2002.

Matlage, Justin, ATC, Class of 2007 - Saint Marys, Iowa.  Assistant Athletic Trainer, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA.  E-mail:

Matlage, Shannon, Class of 2005 - St. Marys, Iowa.

Mattis, Jeff, ATC, LAT, Class of 2005 - Perry, Iowa.

Mayer, Jaime, ATC, LAT, Class of 2012 (MS) - Sedona, AZ.  Undergraduate: Loras College.

McCall, Nicholas, Class of 2015 - Iowa Falls, Iowa.

McCorkel, Abby, ATC, LAT, Class of 2006 (MS) - Stuart, Iowa.  Undergraduate:  Buena Vista University.

McDonald, Molly, ATC, LAT, Class of 2006 (MS)  Dubuque, Iowa.  Undergraduate:  Clarke College.

McElhinney, Mike, Class of 2006.  Assistant Athletic Trainer, William Woods University, Fulton, MO.  Email:

McKenzie, Danielle, Class of 2015 - Lombard, Illinois.

McLeod, Michelle, LAT, ATC, Class of 2005 - Perry, Iowa.  University of Toledo (graduate student), Toledo, OH.  Email:

McMurry, Brani, Class of 2015 - Seymour, Iowa.

Meade, Robert, Class of 2003.  Assistant Athletic Trainer, Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL.  Email:

Meyer, Kylie, Class of 2015 - Muscatine, Iowa.

Miller, Chris, Class of 2010 - Moville, Iowa.

Miller, Jackson, Class of 2015 - Red Oak, Iowa.

Miller, Kristine, MA, ATC, Class of 2010 (MS).  Assistant Athletic Trainer, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY.  Email:

Miller, Leo, Class of 2008 - LeRoy, Minnesota.

Miller, Willie, Class of 2009.

Minard, Shelby, Class of 2006 - Des Moines, Iowa.

Misfeldt, Nicole, Class of 2005.  Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Morgan, Kelly, Class of 2007 - Marion, Iowa.

Morris, Jaci, Class of 2010 - Conrad, Iowa.

Morrison, Annica, Class of 2010 (MS) - Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.  Email:

Mueller, Bryce, Class of 2006 - New London, Iowa.

Murgic, Almin, Class of 2012 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Nations, Tyler, Class of 2006 - Conrad, Iowa.

Nickels, Laura, Class of 2010 - Montgomery, Illinois.

Niemann, Andrew, Class of 2010 - Ruthven, Iowa.

Nitschke, David, Class of 2010 - Ashley, North Dakota.

Nitschke (Stapelkamp), Jennifer, Class of 2012 - Cresco, Iowa.

O'Keefe, Katie,  Class of 2011 - Urbandale, Iowa.

Parrish, Trevor, Class of 2015 - LeGrand, Iowa.

Passet, Alivia, Class of 2015 - Oelwein, Iowa.

Pederson, Kerri, Class of 2005 - Mitchellville, Iowa.

Pickart, Tara Jo,  Class of 2011 - Keystone, Iowa.

Plueger, Molly, Class of 2008 - Monticello, Iowa.

Ponce, Angel, Class of 2012 - Washington, Iowa

Puls, Alecia, Class of 2004.  Athletic Trainer, Mt. Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, IA.  Email:


Q - R - S

Ramirez, Angel, Class of 2005 - San Antonio, Texas.

Reese, Kirby,  Class of 2011 - Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Rich, Lydia, Class of 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Ring, Makayla, Class of 2005 - Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Rixen, Molly - see Haberichter

Robison, Kelly, Class of 2010 - Vinton, Iowa.  Email:

Rokes, Matthew, Class of 2008 - Dike, Iowa.

Ruba, Jen, Class of 2015 - Remsen, Iowa

Ruhnke, Allison, MS, Class of 2011 - Lindsay, Nebraska.

Rullestad, Liz, Class of 2011 - Clive, Iowa.

Ruyle, Dan, Class of 2007 - Galesville, Wisconsin.

Sarkic, Kanita, Class of 2012 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Saul, William, Class of 2011 - Humboldt, Iowa.

Schrodt, Laura, Class of 2011 - Charles City, Iowa.

Schwebke, Rebecca, Class of 2008 - Anamosa, Iowa.

Sersland, Keri, Class of 2007 - Decorah, Iowa.

Sims, Lauren, Class of 2015 - Iowa City, Iowa.

Snitker, Jessica, Class of 2008 - Waukon, Iowa.

Sperfslage, Destry, Class of 2012 - Manchester, Iowa.

Stapelkamp - see Nitschke.

Steele, Luke, MS, ATC, LAT, Class of 2005 - Hudson, IA.  Head Athletic Trainer at Grand View University, Des Moines, IA.  Email:  Phone: 319-239-7829

Steffen, Tracy, Class of 2005 - Assistant Athletic Trainer, Wartburg College, Waverly, IA.  Email:

Stevenson, Haley, Class of 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa.


T - U - V

Tapper, Jackie, Class of 2011 - Marcus, Iowa.

Taylor, Kelly, Class of 2007 - Knoxville, Iowa.

Tedrow, Michelle, Class of 2012 - Keosauqua, Iowa.

Testroet, Lance, Class of 2011 - New Hampton, Iowa.

Thompson, Rhonda, Class of 2004.

Tjepkes, Derek, Class of 2015 - Atlantic, Iowa.

Tomlinson, Aaron, MS, ATC/PTA, Class of 2002 - Tama, Iowa.  University of Maine-Preque Isle, Head Athletic Trainer.

Trappen, Mike, Class of 2010 - Lena, Illinois.

Treanor, Alison, Class of 2009.  Email:

Tuttle, Heather, Class of 2007 - Grimes, Iowa.

Vrba, Mark, MS, ATC/L, PES, CSCS, Class of 2002.


W - X - Y - Z

Walsten, Shelby, Class of 2006 - Nashua, Iowa. 

Walusz, Hollie, MA, ATC, PES, Class of 2005 - Mason City, Iowa.  Head Athletic Trainer (Philadelphia Independence).  Email:

Ward, Valerie, Class of 2012 - Essex, Iowa.

Watkins, Cody, Class of 2010 - Woodbine, Iowa.

Watson, Jess, LAT, MS, Class of 2006 - Kirksville, Missouri.

Weishaar, Diane, Class of 2006 - Manson, Iowa.

Whetstone, Sarah, ATC, MS, Class of 2006 - Gilbert, Iowa.

White, Heide - see Laube

White, Michael, Class of 2012 - Aurelia, Iowa.

Wiebold, Jorge, Class of 2011 - Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Wieck, Abby, ATC, LAT, Class of 2012 (MS) - Iowa City, IA.  Undergraduate: University of Iowa.

Winkle, Abbrielle, Class of 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa.

Wittmaack, Jen, Class of 2005 - Peterson, Iowa.

Woods, Zach, Class of 2011 - New Virginia, Iowa.

Yanda, Aubrey, Class of 2011 - Elkader, Iowa.

Young, Scott, Class of 1986, Athletic Trainer at Pine Bluff School District, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Yungtum, Will, Class of 2012 - Sumner, Iowa.

Zimmerman, Kiley, Class of 2008 - Aredale, Iowa.