On this page you will find a list of schools that we partner with and a brief description of what to expect in each site.

International Schools

These preK -12 college preparatory international schools are established in various countries around the world.  The student bodies are typically comprised of multiple nationalities with English as the language of instruction.  Student teachers will have the opportunity to be mentored by high quality educators as they implement innovative teaching practices from around the world.  


American School of Yaounde, www.asoy.org
    Lodging on school campus, Room and Board $450 a month


International Community School Addis Ababa, http://www.icsaddis.edu.et/
    Special Education courses are offered, school helps arrange housing


American International School in Cairo, www.aisegypt.com
    School helps arrange housing


Casablanca American School, http://www.cas.ac.ma/
    School arranges housing, cost $200 - $400 a month, welcomes groups of students


International School Moshi, http://www.ismoshi.org/
    Can take 2 or 3 per semester. Housing typically provided.
Iringa International School, http://iis.ac.tz/
    Smaller school. Housing typically arranged by school in shared teacher housing. Small fee for utilities and house cleaning



Xiamen International School, http://www.xischina.com/
    Schools helps you find apartment, cost ranges from $400 - $600 a month


American School of Bombay, http://www.asbindia.org/
    Housing typically provided, can accept 2-4 student teachers per semester, International Baccalaureate curriculumAmerican International School of Chennai, http://www.aisch.org/
    Housing typically provided, can accept 2 student teachers per semester, International Baccalaureate curriculum


Sampoerna Academy, Bali Campus
Sampoerna Academy, Bogor Campus
    Local school for secondary students demonstrating high academic abilities and low SES. Half semester only


Singapore American School, http://www.sas.edu.sg/
    Competetive, can take one student teacher per semester. School assists with housing arrangements.

South Korea

Korea International School, (Pangyo & Seoul Campus), http://www.kis.or.kr/
    On-site UNI Supervisor. Can accept up to 2 student teachers per semester. UNI  Supervisor assists with coordinating housing arrangements

United Arab Emirates

Universal American School in Dubai, http://www.uasdubai.ae/
    Groups of 2 or 4. Housing is $400+ per month per person. Housing is arranged by the school.



Antwerp International School, http://www.ais-antwerp.be/
    School helps arrange housing
International School of Brussels, http://www.isb.be/
    Has Special Education program, school may assist with finding housing


American College Arcus. http://www.ac-arcus.com/
     Secondary only; Science, Math, PE and English Literature majors.  Housing and small monthly stipend are provided.  Second half semester only.


The Millais School, http://www.millais.co.uk/
    Secondary only. Home-stay arranged by school, typically costs $500+ per month. Half semester only. Visa takes time and effort prior to departure.


Holy Trinity National School in Galway, (website not available)
    Elementary only. Housing can be arranged at http://www.nilandhouseapartments.com/accommodation.php


Brandenburg International School, http://www.bbis.de/
    Housing is self-arranged and visa takes time and effort prior to departure.


American School of Barcelona, http://www.a-s-b.com/
    Housing is self-arranged but suggestions are available.
Benjamin Franklin International School, http://www.bfischool.org/
    Housing is self-arranged but suggestions are available.



The Lincoln School, http://www.lincoln.edu.ar/
    School helps arrange housing
Globalearn-IT, (Local English speaking Argentinian Schools),  http://www.globalearn-it.com/student.html
    Groups of 4-6. Housing arranged, local excursions arranged by local coordinator, especially good for Spanish or TESOL majors.


The American School of Brasilia, www.eabdf.br
      Housing typically provided, can accept 2 student teachers per semester, International Baccalaureate curriculum

Costa Rica

The Lincoln School, http://www.edline.net/pages/LincolnCostaRica
    Homestays arranged with one or two other students, cost $450 a month for room and board, groups of students welcomed.


American School of Quito, http://www.fcaq.k12.ec/ingles/home/mission.htm
    Homestays arranged with one or two other students, cost $450/$500 a month for room, board and laundry. Half semester only.


American School Foundation of Monterey, http://www.asfm.edu.mx/
    School will provide, strong literacy program


American Nicaraguan International school, http://www.ans.edu.ni/
    Elementary Only,  Full Semester only. School arranges housing, $400 a month.


Colegio San Pedro, http://www.sanpedro.edu.pe/
    Welcomes groups, instruction is in English, however this is a good option for TESOL majors.

* Indicates countries that are not available until US Department of State Travel Warnings are removed.  For a complete list, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html


US Locations


Yuma Elementary School District One:  Yuma, AZ  http://www.yuma.org/
Yuma Union High School District:  Yuma, AZ  http://www.yumaunion.org/
 Kayenta Unified School District:  Kayenta, AZ (located in the Navajo Nation)  http://www.kayenta.k12.az.us/
    Dorm-style housing typically provided in school owned housing


Aurora Public Schools: Denver, CO  http://aurorak12.org/


Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL  http://www.cps.edu/Pages/home.aspx
     Brown Elementary
     Skinner North Classical School
     Uplift High School


Missoula International School, Missoula, MT  http://www.mismt.org/
    Bi-lingual school, placement opportunities in Spanish speaking classroom or English speaking classroom. Excellent option for Spanish major.         Internatinal Baccalaureate curriculum.


Aldine Independent School District: Houston, TX http://www.aldine.k12.tx.us/
       Strong employment opportunities upon successful completion of student teaching, weekly student teaching seminar, advice on housing options, cost of living similar to Iowa

*Consideration will be given to other locations in the US based on rationale for choosing the site.