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Ariel Aloe

-elected as the Co-chair of the Campbell Collaboration Methods Group. As the Co-chair he also becomes part of the Campell Steering Committee. The Campbell collaboration is based in Oslo, Norway. From the Campbell Corporation Bylaws, "The Campbell Collaboration is an international organization that aims to prepare, maintain, and disseminate high-quality, systematic reviews of studies of effectiveness. By supporting thje production of these reviews and by disseminating results in an accessible fashion, The Campbell Collaboration intend to contribute to decisions in practice, policy and to public understanding."
- Published: Aloe, A. (2014). An Empirical Investication of Partial Effect Sizes in Meta-Analysis of Correlational Data. The Journal of General Psychology, 141(1), 47-64.
-awarded a NSF grant in the amount of  $ 136,225.00.  The grant abstract: The investigators propose to develop and study partial effect-size indices for results of single and multilevel regression analyses and examine the suitability of the indices for use in meta-analysis. The investigators propose a program of work which combines mathematical statistics and simulation studies, illustrated with real educational examples. This work will provide guidelines that researchers can use in reporting results and effect sizes for complex primary-study analyses; facilitate meta-analyses of complex studies; and inform the conduct and reporting of primary studies in STEM research.


Suzie Woolf (a School Psychology student currently in internship) and Nicki Skarr were invited to do a podcast interview for the National Association of School Psychologists. The topic is Video Self Modeling Interventions.    


The School Psychology Team (Kerri Clopton, Stephanie Schmitz, and Nicki Skarr) and students had 6 presentations accepted for the  National Association of School Psychologist 2014 conference.


Michael Fanelli

2Presented a series of lectures at George Mason University on the teaching methods of Gestalt and Constructuvekst psychologist and musician, Paul Rolland.

-Michael has been invited to present additional lectures at the Paul Rolland Workshop at GMU in July 2014 and to teach at the new academy workin with elementary and secondary students from the Washington D.C. and Maryland area.

-Contributed a biographical article on Rolland for The Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd Ed.and The New Grove Dictionalry of Musica and Musicians Online both published by Oxford University Press.

Katheryn East coordinated the UNI Constitution Day for Central Middle School students Sept. 17, 2013. 180 middle school students were on campus for the day to learn about the US constitution and UNI.
Benjamin Forsyth attended the Institute for Educational Sciences Product Development & Feedback Meeting in Washington, D.C. on Aug 12, 2013.
Suzy Freednan has been nominated for the position of editor of the APA Journal of Family Psychology. 
Rob Boody had a co-authored paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Studies in Education:   “Teachers’ Perceptions of High School Dropout and Their Role in Dropout Prevention: An Initial Investigation” (K. Knesting-Lund, D. Reese, & R. M. Boody).
Tony Gabriele has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology.


  Kerri Clopton has been appointed to the Military Child Education Coalition Public Engagement Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee is co-chaired by Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds and the Adjutant General of Iowa, MG Timothy Orr.



Elana Joram and Tony Gabriele published an article entitled "How Math Teachers Can Help Curb Child Obesity" in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics Journal.

Dr. Radhi Al-Mabuk recently took a research trip to Turkey.
  Katheryn East presented a paper,"Reading a Set of Course Syllabi as a Text of Teaching Practice" at the Narrative Research Conference for the AERA SIG in Alaska in May, 2013
Michelle Tichy has included a school psychology graduate student in her research work. In April 2013 they presented together at the American Research Association conference in San Fransico, California and at a conference in Hawaii, summer 2013.









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