Where are our PSE:SA graduates now?

A master's degree in Post-Secondary Education: Student Affairs from the University of Northern Iowa can take you in many directions.  Here are some of the positions currently held by PSE:SA alumni:


2012 Graduates

Marissa Timmerman: Assistant Registrar, University of Northern Iowa

2011 Graduates

Megan Gleason (Ryan): Project Manager, RuffaloCODY 

T.J. Warren: Pathways Associate for Vocation and Mentoring, Wartburg College

Brittany Warren: Disability Specialist, University of Northern Iowa

2010 Graduates

Elizabeth Goskesen: Youth Career Counselor, Workforce Development, Inc.

Maryne Taute: Residence Hall Director, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Sarah Goblirsch: Assistant Director of Career Services, University of Northern Iowa

Heather Asmus: Admissions Counselor, Iowa Lakes Community College

Keisha Schroeder: Assistant Director/ Academic Advisor of TRIO/ Student Support Services, University of Dubuque


2009 Graduates

A.J. Gevock: Coordinator of Prospective Student Information, Indian Hills Community College

Michael Gleason: Director of the Leadership Institute, Washburn University

Erin Glidden: Admissions Counselor, University of South Dakota

Tisha Lindgren: Admissions Counselor, University of South Dakota

Jennifer Suchan: Program Assistant, Registrar's Office, University of Northern Iowa

Nicholas Sullivan: Director of Student Support Services, University of Northern Iowa


2007 Graduates

Ella Bowers: Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator for the College of Nursing, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Kara Park: Athletics Academic Advisor, University of Northern Iowa

Mark Rowe-Barth: Coordinator of Substance Abuse Services and Violence Intervention Services, University of Northern Iowa

Erin Swancutt: Career Counselor, Simpson College

Shelly Matthews: Director of the Student Health Clinic, University of Northern Iowa

Katie Erickson: Exchange Program and Study Abroad Advisor, Baylor University

Beth Lobner: Residential Program Manager, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


2006 Graduates

Rachael Willits: Area Coordinator, Elmhurst College

Michael Girsch: Study Abroad Program Coordinator, Arizona State University

Freddy Miranda: Assistant Director of Admissions/Multicultural Recruitment, University of Northern Iowa

Nancy Scoggins-Rose: Assistant Director of UNI-CUE, UNI Center for Urban Education, University of Northern Iowa

Wendy Fedler: Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Grand View University

Eric Braun, EdD: Dean of Students, New England College

Vicki Edelnant, EdD: Pathways Center Director, Wartburg College

Deborah Bartels: Assistant Director of Loans, Financial Aid, University of Northern Iowa

Ken Smith: Assistant Director of Multicultural Services, Lewis University

Erin Wheat: Coordinator of Student Activities, Des Moines Area Community College

Stacia Greve: Athletics Academic Advisor, University of Northern Iowa

Gena Rath: Tech Prep  Coordinator, Northeast Iowa Community College

Kim Jasper: Manager in the Student Records and Registration Office, Hawkeye Community College

Angie Dickinson: Financial Aid Systems Analyst, Grand View University


2005 Graduates

Kendra Williams-Perez: Professor and Dean, School of Nursing, Allen College

Kristine Owens, EdD: Director of Academic Enrichment and Disability Coordinator, Grand View University

Jana Klauke: Associate Director of MBA Career Services, University of Iowa

Heidi Pries: Director of Student Involvement and New Student Programs, Grand View University

Jessa Boche: Study Abroad Advisor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

James Barnes: Assistant Director of the Student Advising and Learning Center, University of California-Merced

Todd Brown: Director of Program Administration/ School Services, Iowa College Student Aid Commission


2004 Graduates

Krystal Madlock: Director of Student Diversity Programs, Wartburg College

Kathy Martin: Assistant Director of the Educational Opportunity Center, University of Northern Iowa

Anne Doyle: International Student Services Coordinator, Hawkeye Community College

Kimberly Matteson: Career Counselor, St. Ambrose University

Chris Wolf: Nursing Advisor, Rochester Community and Technical College

Shelly Pruess: Essentials Manager, University of Northern Iowa


2003 Graduates

Craig Sanderson: Assistant Director of Client Services, Iowa State University

Sara Lyness: Assistant Director of Pre-Professional Advising, Arizona State University

Kristina Marchesani: Assistant Director of International Relations, University of Northern Iowa

Matthew Nuese: Associate Director of Career Services, University of Northern Iowa

Jessica Moon: Director of the University Honors Program, University of Northern Iowa

Heather Soesbe: Associate Director of Systems & Regulations, Financial Aid, University of Northern Iowa


2001 Graduates

Jennifer Bublitz: Assistant Dean, MBA Programs, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona

Thy Nguyen: Associate Director of the Office of Career Development, Northwestern University

Mark Longley: Prior Learning Assessment Advisor/Coach, University of Toledo


2000 Graduates

Mary Russell: Career Development Coordinator, La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kristine Franzen: Assistant Dean for Student Life and Director of Residence Life, Luther College


1999 Graduates

Kristi Van Gorder: Director of Advising, Recruitment and Retention, University of Nevada-Reno

Brian Steinberg: Online Professor at various online colleges and universities


1998 Graduate

Andrew Hlubek: Assistant Director of Admissions, Minnesota State University, Mankato


1997 Graduates

Doug Koschmeder: Registrar, Luther College

Jon Buse: Dean of Students, Kirkwood Community College


1996 Graduates

Todd Little: Assistant Dean of Student Academic Achievement/ Director of the Hawley Academic Resource Center, Simpson College

Tracey Godon: Senior Assistant Director of Career Services/ Director of Overseas Placement Services for Educators, University of Northern Iowa

Tammy Taylor: Student Services Coordinator, Architecture & Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Sam Barr: Information Technology Coordinator, VP for Student Affairs, University of Northern Iowa

Kimberly Walsh: Director of Student Life, Loras College


1995 Graduates

Linda Jernigan: Records Analyst for Admissions, University of Northern Iowa

Tom Paulsen: Associate Director of Admissions, University of Iowa

David Marchesani: Associate Director of Academic Advising, University of Northern Iowa

Jennifer Sassman: Director of Financial Aid, Wartburg College

Cindy Darrow: Director of Campus Center and Conferences, Macalester College


1994 Graduate

Sarah Holmes: Coordinator of Residence Life, Iowa State University


1993 Graduate

Lori VanHooreweghe: Academic Support Specialist, University of Northern Iowa


1992 Graduates

Michelle Holland: Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa

Joyce Morrow: Director of Financial Aid, University of Northern Iowa

William Maravetz: Library Assistant, University of Northern Iowa


1991 Graduate

Wilfred Johnson: Director of Classic Upward Bound, University of Northern Iowa


1990 Graduate

Jeffry Klunenberg: Des Moines Area Associate Coordinator, Upper Iowa University


1989 Graduates

Dan Schofield: Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Northern Iowa

Joanne Loonan: Associate Director of Admissions, University of Northern Iowa


1988 Graduates

Barbara Weeg: Reference Librarian & associate Professor, University of Northern Iowa

Kathleen Peters: Academic Learning & Retention Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa