Principalship Program

The UNI Principalship Program welcomes aspiring school leaders eager for an intensive process of personal and professional growth.  UNI Principalship graduates with a Master's Degree or Advanced Studies Certificate stand ready to impact student learning, enhance teacher effectiveness, and build community engagement.  Through immersion in the Iowa Standards for School Leaders and UNI Educational Leadership's Core Values of Leadership of Learning, Service and Change, students experience a customized, site-based internship, that connects current theory with real-world practice.  Courses, seminars, and internship experiences assist beginning principals to develop the skills needed to meet the challenges of Iowa's changing demographics, globalization, Iowa Core-Curriculum, and the ever-increasing expectations of schools.

Learning at the speed of life...

  • Convenient, interactive learning experiences available statewide via videoconferencing, as well as face-to-face instruction and a short on-campus experience during the first summer of the program


An individualized experience...

  • An extensive and rigorous internship experience collaboratively developed with expert mentors, with support from UNI faculty, focusing on individual strengths and growth areas


We've been there...

  • Learning facilitated by a creative, award-winning faculty with decades of combined real-world school leadership experiences


Addressing issues that matter in Iowa and beyond...

Two principalship cohorts:

  • The Urban Education Network (UEN) program, developed with Iowa's eight urban districts that specifically addresses issues facing urban education
  • The All-Iowa program, which focuses on school leadership in Iowa's suburban and rural districts

Summer Events

2011 All-Iowa Cohort, 2012 Poverty Simulator, 2012 Ed. Leadership Picnic, 2012 Ed. Leadership Golf Outing, and 2012 Bocce Ball champions