Dr. Victoria Robinson

Interim Dean, College of Education & Professor of Educational Leadership

B.A. 1971, University of Northern Iowa (History)

M.A. 1984,  University of Northern Iowa (History)

Ed.D. 1996,  University of Northern Iowa (Educational Leadership)


As part of UNI Educational Leadership's ongoing professional learning, faculty members have participated in StrengthsQuest through the Gallup Organization.  This process has allowed Educational Leadership team members to identify their unique strengths.

Dr. Robinson's strengths are: Activator, Woo, Learner, Intellection, Achiever.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Teacher Work Sample
  • Women in Educational Leadership
  • School Administration Management (SAMs) Program
  • Teacher Evaluation


Research Interests:

  • Teacher Work Samples
  • Effective Teaching
  • Principal as Instructional Leader


Published articles in the following journals:

  • The Journal of Computing in Teacher Education
  • The Rural Educator
  • Teacher Educator
  • Teacher Education and Practice



Henning, J., Koehler, F., Robinson, V., & Wilson, B. (2009). Improving teacher quality: Using teacher work samples to make evidence-based decisions. Rowman Littlefield Publishing.

(319) 273-3070
Office Location: 

BCS 113