Site Coordinator Compensation info

Site Coordinators are paid a base rate of $400 per school per semester plus an incentive of $30 per placement of at least 15 hours made in their school.

In addition, there are annual opportunities to earn a small stipend for participating in professional development and discussion groups scheduled by the PDS. Site Coordinators are strongly encouraged to take the UNI Mentoring Preservice Teachers courses and will be reimbursed the $50 cost for each of these graduate credit courses.

Placements made by the Site Coordinator beyond Level 1 (EDPSYCH 2017), Level 2 (ED PSYCH 3128), and the Elementary/Middle Level 3 (ELEMECML 3120) must be documented to the PDS DIrector by October 15 for fall and March 15 for spring, including student names, mentor teacher names, UNI course/professor, and number of hours to be compensated.

Site Coordinators are paid at the end of the semester (December 31st for fall, May 30th for spring, June 30 for summer).