Instructional Decision Making

In the Instructional Decision-Making section of the Level 2 Teacher Work Sample, you are asked to describe your students' responses to your first lesson, and then to explain how you will adapt your strategies for your second lesson. Adapting instruction involves making alterations in instructional goals, strategies, activities, materials, or assessment methods for the purpose of improving student learning. Check out the filea below for more ideas.

Be assured that when you've established a good rapport with the students, this investment pays dividends in the lesson. Remember, it is extremely rare for a lesson to function perfectly and allow every student to meet or exceed all learning goals. The mark of a great teacher is to use the experiences of failing to reach every student to adapt on the spot, to reflect upon our teaching practices later, and to work to improve our lessons for the future. In teaching, as in life, it is definitely true that your best teacher is your last mistake! Don't be afraid to be honest about the shortcomings of the lesson and to seek critical friend feedback from everyone who observed your lesson. Even the best lessons can be improved with the insights and talents of others.