Level 2


Course Number: TEACHING 3128
Course Title: Teacher as a Change Agent
Requisites: Co-requisites of ED PSYCH 3148 Learning and Instruction in Classroom Contexts and MEASRES 3150 Classroom Assessment


Total field experience: 25 University class hours on the site of your placement.


The purpose of this field experience is to provide direct experiences to increase understanding of learning process and apply skills for facilitating the process. Motivation, classroom management, and teaching strategies are the focus areas of the experience.


The student will: 

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and principles taught in ED PSYCH 3148 by:
    • Citing the ways in which the concepts and principles are applied to enlist and sustain student motivation to learn;
    • Citing measures teachers use to manage classroom activities in order to prevent and correct discipline problems; and
    • Planning and teaching at least two lessons to a small group, a class, and/or an individual.
  2. Demonstrate a responsible and ethical commitment to teaching by:
    • Seeking a variety of ways to assist the supervising teacher; and
    • Confining speculation about students and teaching to scheduled conferences with the supervising teacher.
  3. Acquire a greater sense of confidence as a prospective teacher by:
    • Building skills that complement cognitive and attitudinal-learnings; and
    • Reflecting on the professional significance of the field experience from the standpoint of learning, motivation, and classroom management principle


Credit for TEACHING 3128 is based on an evaluation and recommendation by your mentor teacher and your field experience coordinator and the successful completion of the Level 2 Teacher Candidate Work Sample which is graded by your field experience coordinator.