Clare Struck

Field Experience Coordinator

Irving Elementary

Lowell Elementary

Highland Elementary

(319) 273-6189
Office Location: 

LIB 461


B.A., M.A.E., University of Northern Iowa

Areas of Expertise 

Iowa School Counseling Model Based on the American Association of School Counseling Model
Educating the Whole Child
Character Education
Educational Advocacy with Policy Makers
Bully Prevention/Intervention

Research Interests 

Cultural Competency and Closing the Achievement Gap
Education the Whole Child (Ensuring that ALL students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged)
Education Advocacy and Policy Making
Service Learning and Civic Engagement
Iowa School Counseling Model: College, Career and Citizen Readiness

Courses Taught 

Field Experience Coordinator
School Counseling Practicum
School Counseling Internship
Counseling Children and Adolescents
Human Relations

Honors & Awards 

Endeavor Award, Allen College/Iowa Health System & UNI Leadership Studies Program, 2012
American School Counseling Association Counselor of the Year Award Nominee, 2012
Iowa Elementary School Counselor of the Year, Iowa School Counseling Association, 2011
Class of 1978 Teacher Award, Northern University High School, 2011
Invited Witness, US Senate HELP Committee, Educating the Whole Child Hearing, 2010
Multicultural Educator Award, University of Northern Iowa, 2009
Gold Star Teacher Award, McElroy Trust Foundation, 2008
Sally J. Frudden Ethic of Caring Award, UNI College of Education, 2005
Faculty Excellence Award, Iowa Board of Regents, University of Northern Iowa, 2002
Seasons of the Child Award, Family and Children’s Council of Black Hawk County, 1996
Outstanding Service Award, National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse, 1990
State of Iowa Governor’s Volunteer Award, Sexual Abuse Forum for Educators, 1987

Selected Publications 

Educating the Whole Child in the 21st Century, Iowa Council for the Social Studies Journal, 2010
Written Testimony: Educating the Whole Child, US Congressional Records, 2010
Price Laboratory School: First Amendment School, UNI College of Education Newsletter, 2007
Price Laboratory Elementary Citizenship Program: Embracing the Whole Child, Iowa Educational
Leadership, Co-authored with Kim Miller, 2007
Price Laboratory School Elementary Citizenship Program: A Laboratory for Democracy, Iowa Council for
Social Studies Journal, Co-authored with Kim Miller, 2006
Be a Buddy, Not a Bully! K-5 Curriculum, INTIME, Co-authored with Rachel Cole, 2005