• SLIK-12: Listserv for school libraries of Iowa (see information below)


SLIK-12: School libraries of Iowa, K-12

An electronic library mailing list

All teacher librarians in Iowa may join this electronic forum. The audience for this discussion group will typically be teacher librarians who work in K-12 schools in Iowa, and those who share their professional concerns, interests and mission. The purpose of this group is to facilitate professional communication among Iowa teacher librarians, provide mentoring, disseminate research findings, discuss intellectual freedom and share applications of the Internet and other online services. This discussion group is sponsored by the Division of School Library Studies, in the College of Education at the University of Northern Iowa.

SLIK-12 is a private, unmoderated discussion group through Google Groups.

SLIK-12 recognizes the contribution vendors can provide the profession. Therefore, vendors may participate in this electronic forum provided they do not promote or advertise products or services. Nor may they use any information obtained via SLIK-12 to distribute unsolicited product information in other formats. We welcome vendor expertise on products, services, etc., that facilitate professional discussions. Vendors who violate this trust will be barred from the list.

All new members, including vendors, are asked to announce their participation in SLIK-12 with an initial introduction.

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Do I need a Google account to be part of SLIK-12?

The SLIK-12 listserv is a private Google Group, but Google email addresses or accounts are not required.  Individuals with Google accounts, however, have access to the group archive, can view the member list, and can change their personal settings (i.e. request one summary email a day instead of receiving each individual email).

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to SLIK-12?

To Subscribe:
Send an email message from your email account to Do not include a subject or message.

To Unsubscribe:
Send an email message from your email account to Do not include a subject or message.

How do I post a message to SLIK-12?

Send your message to:

How do I view the message archive?

All messages are archived through Google Groups and are only accessible to members of the group.  Members who are using a Google email address can view the archive by logging into their Google account, going to "Groups," choosing "My Groups" and then selecting the SLIK-12 group. 

How can I see the membership list?

Members who are using a Google email address can access the group archive as described above and then click the "Members" button on the upper right.

What do I do if I change my email address and want to stay on the SLIK-12?

If you leave one email address in favor of another, unsubscribe the old while you still have rights to it. You cannot unsubscribe the old address from your new address. Once the old address is invalid bounces will begin to show up in the list owner's mailbox. If you forget to unsubscribe an old address, send an email to  requesting that she unsubscribe your old address. Include the old address in this request.

How should I share the results of a request for information I made?

This process is likely familiar to those of you who also subscribe to LM_NET. It is the TARGET and HIT process. A TARGET is a request for information. Afterward, a HIT is posted that compiles or summarizes the responses that were received. This is a benefit to other list members. On LM_NET the replies are usually compiled WITHOUT names or contact information from those who sent their replies directly to you. Those who replied to you may not be willing to have their contact information shared with the mailserv.

When replying to or posting a HIT or summary, please consider these e-mail etiquette suggestions: 1) Post the HIT of summarized responses, perhaps copied and pasted into a message, without names or contact information. 2) If you TARGET information and wish to share others' responses including their contact information about a topic, please state in your request for information that names and email addresses of those replying will be shared with the listserv. 3) If you reply to a TARGETED request for information, and you wish to remain anonymous, please state that in your reply to the person who will summarize the information.