Message From the President


Message From President Mickey Dunn

Fall 2011



As we embark upon our 26th year, we are making steady progress in our efforts to energize our 276+ members.  Some aspects of our endeavors are going strong:

  • Books’n’Brunch, thanks to Marcia Klinefelter, are held regularly at the Barnes & Noble in Waterloo.
  • We are on Facebook, thanks to April Kleinschmidt and Deb Rich. 
  • Our website is up and running.  This fall, the website is in the capable hands of Chapter Advisor Salli Forbes and her graduate student Tina (Zhang Min). 
  • Historian Courtney Holubar is putting our history into a beautiful scrapbook format.
  • Contributions continue to come into the Sponsorship Fund, which helps to defray costs for undergraduate initiates.
  • The Board has developed formal vision and mission statements to guide our efforts in the future and goals and objectives to achieve our mission.
  • The Board is also preparing a formal budget to be presented to the membership at the annual meeting in April 2012.

Work is still in progress in the following areas:

  • Membership rolls.  While we have the names of 276 members, we are still missing current contact information for around 50.  In addition, we are concerned that we may have incomplete records for past initiations, which has resulted in a gap.  Deb Rich continues to work on that problem.  Kudos to Deb and to Jacque Smith for all the work they have put into this area.
  • Collaborative Initiative.  Michelle Holt and I are working on creating a blog to support us in collaborating on professional interests.  If the new IRA member blog seems to meet this need, we will switch gears and get us all linked in to Engage at
  • Community Outreach.  We are working to motivate and support members to promote literacy initiatives in their communities.
  • Literacy Recognition.  As a professional group, we hope to reach out to acknowledge efforts by other groups and individuals who promote literacy.

If these initiatives sound intriguing to you, please contact any of the Board members with your ideas.  Check into our Facebook page for continual updates.  Let’s work together to continue our efforts in the area of literacy education.