You determine the format of your electronic portfolio. For example, your portfolio could be created as a web site, multimedia CD-ROM, DVD, or other electronic multimedia format. While this provides you with a great deal of flexibility and opportunity to be creative, there are some basic guidelines to which you must adhere:

  • The content must be organized as described on the Structure page.
  • Artifacts described on the Artifacts page must be included.
  • All three levels of reflections as described on the Reflections page must be included.
  • The portfolio must be platform independent (usable on both Windows and Macintosh computers).
  • Hyperlinks are used to connect the various elements of the portfolio through a highly usable navigation system.
  • Portfolio follows Fair Use Guidelines and Copyright limitations.
  • The portfolio should clearly identify you as a UNI student, and UNI courses should be labeled as such. Please include a UNI identifier on every page/screen.