Students will be asked to present their products of the program in a comprehensive portfolio that will require them to present their artifacts in a multimedia format and reflect on how these artifacts are representative of the field.

The presentation format of the portfolio is not defined. This allows students to use their creativity and technical skills to create a personalized format. However, the following structure must be used when constructing the portfolio, regardless of the medium or format chosen.

Portfolios will include: 

Personal Introduction Page

A personal philosophical statement 

Matrices showing alignment of artifacts with standards

One matrix for each set of standards 

Artifact Reflections

A separate page will be created for each artifact developed in a 240:xxx course. Each of these pages will include a reflection statement (written during the course in which the artifact was created) related to the artifact and a hyperlink   to the artifact itself. 

Standards Reflections

Individual pages will be created for each standard. ECIT has 5 standards, so 5 pages of reflections will be created. 

Comprehensive Reflection

Students will be expected to write a comprehensive reflection referring to their entire experience, their areas of growth and professional goals. This will be posted on an independent page that will include links to artifacts relevant to the discussion.


The following diagram illustrates the required components of the e-portfolio for each of the masters degree programs.