Artifact Reflections

Reflect on each artifact that you've created in your coursework by responding to the following questions. (completed in class)

1. What was the context (the course, purpose, situation, etc.) in which this artifact was created?

2. What outcome(s) (ECIT standards) were you to demonstrate in creating it? For each outcome, describe how the artifact addresses the indicators within the standard. (A review of aligned indicators will assist you in completing this response.)

3. What problem(s) did you encounter in creating this artifact? What did you learn from encountering this problem, and how can you apply this in your current or future professional life?

4. What does this work show about you and your capabilities?

5. What did completing this work teach you about yourself within the field of instructional technology?

Standard Reflections

The student will write a set of reflections for each domain/standard. Within these reflections, the student will describe the artifacts that he or she created that align with each specific artifact. This reflection process should include the following components:

  • The student's personal definition of the standard.
  • Identification of artifact(s) that align with that standard.
  • Explanation of how each artifact addresses the criteria of the standard. (A review of aligned indicators will assist you in completing this response.)

This process must be completed for each specific domain/standard.

Comprehensive Reflections

This is the student's opportunity to reflect on his or her experiences in the Instructional Technology program. This comprehensive reflection includes many facets, which should include a reflection on the student's entire learning experience in UNI's Instructional Technology program.

  • Thoroughly describe areas of personal growth throughout the program.
  • Cite references to support conclusions and describe influences.
  • Link artifacts to support the references to artifacts in the reflections.
  • Identify and describe future professional goals and how their program of study will help in pursuit of these goals.