Students will be asked to use specific artifacts identified in their required courses. These artifacts include the following flagship products from UNI Instructional Technology courses:


Artifact IT Masters 2012 Cohort
240:131 Technology in Education Final paper checkmark checkmark
240:139g Media Planning & Production Final group project checkmark checkmark
240:232 Selection and Integration of Materials Final Project checkmark checkmark
240:237 Coordinating Technology in an Educational Setting Technology Plan Presentation checkmark  checkmark
240:240 Instructional Design ID project checkmark checkmark
Elective #1   checkmark  INSTTECH 5153
Elective #2   checkmark INSTTECH 6210
  • The students will select additional artifacts from elective classes included on the student's approved program. At least two artifacts from elective courses within their program of study (240:xxx) must be included.
  • While artifacts created outside a student's program of study may be a valuable contribution to one's professional portfolio, they may not be included in the professional portfolio submitted to the department.
  • Not all elective courses need to be represented in the portfolio, but the student should select enough artifacts to support the ECIT and professional set of standards.