Taking the lead in 1:1

School Library Studies student Tyllie Corbin presented at the 2014 Iowa 1:1 Institute on April 10, 2014 in Des Moines on “Teaching Tech with Tyllie.”  As the K-12 teacher librarian for Denver Community Schools, Iowa, Corbin helps implement a 1:1 program which provides each student in grades 1-12 with an Apple device including iPads (grades 1-2), Chromebooks (3-5) and MacBooks (6-12).   

Corbin is pleased to be involved in the 1:1 program because it levels the playing field for students who do not have computers in the home.  Corbin’s presentation described the digital tools she teaches in her K-5 technology classes.  She has particularly enjoyed giving students a larger audience for their work. 

In one of her favorite projects this year, Corbin’s second grade students read an animated, talking picture book on Tumblebooks and then retold the story using the online service Little Bird Tales.  Students drew pictures and recorded their own voices on Little Bird Tales, and Corbin emailed the story to parents who could share it with others. 

Corbin is one of many School Library Studies students and alumni implementing 1:1 programs across Iowa.


History and the small screen

To renew interest in historical fiction, teacher librarian Chelsey Kolpin uses book trailers, short previews of books posted on the Internet. As part of her master’s research project, Kolpin created a website, Hi-Fi for Wi-Fi, that features 15 book trailers created by Kolpin and others.


Giving students tools for research

To help teachers and students find their way through the Internet maze, teacher librarians create LibGuides and other online tools.  LibGuides integrate instruction and resources to support learning outcomes identified in the Common Core curriculum. These tools, such as a LibGuide created by School Library Studies master's student Michelle Kruse to support a fourth grade biography project, direct students to specific online and electronic resources and create a central place for students to access the project assignments and directions.