Doctoral Graduate Assistantship - Logan

Position is filled for 2016-2017

Doctoral Graduate Assistantship

Position Title:  Graduate Assistant

Reports to:  Dr. Stephanie Logan

Terms of Employment:

  • For the fall semester - August 22-December 16, 2016: 20 hours per week, beginning first week of the semester and ending the last day of final exam week.  Does not include the week of Thanksgiving Break.
  • For the spring semester - January 9-May 5, 2017: 20 hours per week, beginning first week of the semester and ending the last day of final exam week.  Does not include the week of Spring Break.


  • Full assistantship salary:
    • MA - $5,044 per semester
    • Doctoral - $7,560 per semester
  • Salary will be prorated weekly for late start.. 
  • Graduate Assistants may qualify for in-state tuition and fees. 
  • Graduate Assistants receive University holidays and do not work during Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, or the interims between semesters. 
    • The Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Scholarships will be applied for and awarded separately.  Receiving one will not ensure that the other will be awarded to the applicant.
    • For more information on the Graduate Assistantship System and procedures: 

Position Description:

  • Meetings Related to Research or Partnerships. Attendance at meetings with school district personnel or partnership meetings on and off campus. Attendance at meetings of university parties involved in research. Acting as a liaison between faculty or department and other organizations such as schools, churches, businesses, museums, community music school, etc.
  • Field Research. Conducting field research activities on and off campus, including schools. Following school regulations and human subjects regulations when conducting projects at schools. Designing and implementing lessons related to faculty research on and off campus. Overseeing undergraduates involved in teaching students at schools. Preparing IRB Human Subject applications.
  • Literature Search and Review. Finding appropriate articles from the professional literature to support research projects or manuscripts. Obtaining books or articles from Rod Library as requested. Checking manuscripts for correct citation and format of articles. Summarizing relevant professional literature. Scanning or photocopying documents as needed for research. Gathering information and making notes for research purposes.
  • Manuscript Preparation. Writing literature reviews or parts of manuscripts. Editing manuscripts for format, style, or errors. Photographing, formatting or preparing digital images for faculty research.
  • Research Data Support. Collecting, organizing, entering, labeling, analyzing data. Preparing materials for lessons on which research data is collected. Materials may include digital materials or hands-on materials such as papier-mâché boxes or mask bases, etc. Preparing digital images, websites, and documents on a computer. Organizing or maintaining folders, files, flash drives, boxes, containers, etc. that house research data or materials. Collecting data via email, Internet, telephone, in person, etc. including conducting interviews.
  • Presentations or Workshops. Preparing poster displays, electronic slide shows, hands-on examples, materials, and/or lectures for presentations. Attending presentations as assistant or general support for faculty, including set-up of room for a presentation, or greeting/introductory activities of participants. Assisting in designing, setting up, implementing workshops or conferences including attending them.
  • Grant Applications and Funding. Assisting with locating grant funding sources, writing or preparing information for grant applications. Attending meetings related to grants.
  • Communication with Faculty: Regular and prompt oral or email communication with assigned faculty member concerning work issues. On-time attendance at arranged meetings (within reason).

 Assistance in Faculty Teaching or Service including:

  • Preparation of Materials. Gathering information for and actual preparation of teaching materials. Electronic preparation of materials.
  • Teaching. Assisting faculty in setting up/teaching class. Teaching an occasional class. Grading of projects/tests/student work using a rubric or scoring key.
  • Service: Assisting faculty in service activities including review of manuscripts. Attendance at service-related meetings.
  • Professional Development: Attendance at professional development workshops, conferences, or events as requested by faculty to develop skills needed to support faculty work.


  • Must be a full-time, degree-seeking student in a UNI graduate program.
  • Must be enrolled in 9 graduate credits each semester of assistantship.
  • Maintain a Plan GPA of at least 3.00.  First semester graduate students must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.00. 
  • Preferred: Background experience in teaching social studies, curriculum, and/or multicultural education.

Application Process and Deadline:  To apply email the completed Application Form for Graduate Assistantship (available at

Applications received by March 1, 2016 will be given preferential consideration.