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In the faculty meeting, I stated that it seems like people I spoke to were falling into one of three camps when it came to their understanding and relationship with Price Lab School. The three stances are: advocate, neutral, and resister.
Those who are champions/advocates are pleased with the current model and excited about the future.

Those who are neutral have little to say one way or the other. In some cases, they were encouraged not to engage with Price Lab School because the relationship with the School and the College was ambiguous and it was best not to get involved.

Those who are resisters do not think that the current model at Price Lab is reflective of the past when the school was a model for science-based pedagogical and emperical research. Another reason for resistance is that they may still be having some residual tensions around their tenure at Price Lab and their transition to the College.

Please let me know what is your stance or your commentary about the past, present, or future of Price Lab.


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