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You must have a copy of quote
Price(s) on quote should be good for 30 days
You are from a tax-exempt, higher education institution
To include shipping charges, if any, in the quote
You want the lowest vendor prices



Free Shipping on products.

Thomas Chytka, 

UNI Apple Information (click on Apple)


Make sure to include shipping.
Computers add $50 shipping fee.

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Video Service of America  
Any audio visual supply equipment or audio visual furniture.


Contact: Alex Souza
800.888.2140, ext 154

FAX 402-467-3780

Video equipment, including LCD panels.


Contact: Steve Egger
FAX: 319.363.2476

UNI contract.

81,000 products - everything hardware & software.

Contact: Sue Pichotta , Government/Education Account Manager
Direct Toll Free: 866.339.5201
FAX: 312.705.9128  
Computer parts, PC components, laptop computers, printers, scanners, wireless and more.


Sales: 800.888.6111
Fax: 305.415.2202