Message from the Dean - November 2011

"One Unshakable Vision"

One Unshakable Vision

The Governor's office released the report One Unshakable Vision (see attachments below) on October 3. The purpose of the report was to provide a blueprint for the educational initiatives that the Department of Education wants to set forth via the rule making process with state legislators. The report was crafted by Dr. Jason Glass, the Director of the Department of Education, and other department personnel. There have been a series of town hall meetings in which Governor Branstad and others have had public conversations about the blueprint. Several of us attended the Cedar Falls event and heard varying opinions about the contents of the document.

On December 6 from 1:00 to 3:00, the leadership team as well as the other deans will meet with Jason Glass to discuss the blueprint and our response to the section pertaining to teacher preparation. Please review our initial response to the blueprint as well as the document itself. If you have additional comments that will add to our response, please let your head know so that we can incorporate your voice and vision into our response.  At the meeting, we will provide evidentiary reasons for why we believe such as it pertains to data that we have gathered about our students at UNI. For instance, we are concerned about the 3.0 GPA requirement for entry into teacher education. Our evidence indicate that this will effect 18 percent of our students and disproportionately effect our Latino students.

As always, I welcome your input so that we can have a solidified document that represents all of our voices. If we can manifest internal solidarity, it will indeed aid us in our external positioning. We too must have one unshakable vision.

Dr. Dwight C. Watson
Dean, College of Education