Message from the Dean - August 2013

College of Education Checklist 2013 – 2014

 This is the beginning of my fourth year as your dean. I am still humbled and honored to be your dean. I am often asked how it is going as a dean. Since I am a brutally optimistic person and my glass is always three-fourths full, I have to be cautious about hyperbole, but I truly feel that the College of Education has wonderful, dedicated, and energetic faculty, staff, and students. Due to our high industry, the leadership team has created an ambitious checklist for 2013-2014. Thank you in advance for your commitment to teaching, scholarship, and service.

College of Education Checklist 2013 – 2014

We must move as fast as we can and as slow as we must to make sure all of our programs benefit from our efforts, industry, and investments.Create an Assessment Plan for the Strategic Plan.

Create an Assessment Plan for the Strategic Plan.
Appoint/select/hire a head for the Department of Teaching.
Appoint/select/hire a head for the Department of Special Education.
  Secure support funding for UNI-CUE.
  Revise Communication and Marketing Plan - Amelia Holden-McMurray.
  Start at least one Professional Learning Community in each department.
  Create teaching portfolio requirements or teaching assessment instruments for each department to determine merit for teaching. Use Peter Seldin’s work to guide these creations.
  Work with the Meskwaki Settlement to create partnership programs.
  Work with Chinese institutions to solidify partnerships.
  Work with the Teacher Education Elementary and Secondary Senates to embrace and embed the Iowa Core/Common Core into the teacher preparation program course sequence.
  Create a task force to integrate the new InTASC standards into the Teacher Education Program.
  Investigate CAEP national accreditation.
  Conduct Back-to-School programs in Cedar Valley Schools with state legislators, business folk, and teacher education faculty members.
  Move the agenda forward to create the MS program in Athletic Training with focus on initial certification.

Focus on enrollment management:

      Prepare recruitment materials for prospective students

      Increase first year and transfer enrollment into teacher education


Begin the hiring process for the use of the Jacobson endowment funds.

      Endowed professor of literacy

      Endowed professor of elementary science education

  Hire the director for the Center for Educational Transformation.
  Plan and implement online Faculty Activity Reports.
   Apply for Year-long student teaching pilot.
Revisit the action items for each of the Premier Points.
  Create Technology Incentive Grants - Leigh Zeitz and the Technology Premier Committee.
  Cultural Competency Incentive Grants - Stephanie Logan and Diversity Committee.
  Create align documents with Hawkeye Community College - Joshua Sankey/Bob Frederick (contact people).