Message From the Dean - April 2013

Alumni-in-Residence and Advisory Council

In April, the College of Education will be hosting two very important events.  On Thursday April 11, we will have our Alumni-in-Residence visiting our classrooms and presenting a panel discussion to students and faculty about the current state of the applied sciences.  The panel will be hosted by our student leaders and alumni members who have won outstanding teaching awards this year will be in attendance and acknowledged.

On Friday April 12,  we will have our first College of Education Advisory Council.  The purpose of the Council is to assist the College of Education in implementing its strategic initiatives.  We have a list of outstanding business folks, educators, practitioners, and service providers on our Council (see membership list).  I am excited about both of these events and highly encourage your participation in the Alumni-in-Residence program.  The outline of both events are listed.

Alumni-in-Residence:  April 11, 2013

8:00-8:50-Alumni in Residence Arrive-Welcome to Campus
Dean Watson & the College of Education leadership team welcome 2013 Alumni in Residence to campus: Tania Johnson, Jay Holsch & Kelly Putnam. Visit the College of Education website to learn more about the distinguished alums that will be on campus!

 8:50-11:20 Classroom visits and/or meeting with Dean Watson.  Alums will be meeting with students during classes or meeting with Dean Watson.

11:30-1:00 Presidential Reception & Luncheon (reception from 11:30-12 & luncheon will begin at noon)
Alumni in Residence from the College of Education as well as CSBS, CHAS will gather for the Presidential reception and lunch.   They will be joined by the Leadership Teams of each college.

1:10-4:30 Classroom visits and / or meeting with Dean Watson.  Alums will be meeting with students during classes or meeting with Dean Watson.

5:00-6:00 Panel Event- hosted by our College of Education President's Council

Advisory Council Agenda - April 12, 2013

9:00 Introductions

9:30 - Environmental Scan - What is going on in the broader education context and how does this influence the College's direction. Presenter - Dwight C. Watson

10:30 - Strategic Planning - Where are we on our strategic planning (timeline), how are we measuring our success (dashboard), and how can the Advisory Council assist us in our strategic direction.  Presenters - Rob Boody and Mary Herring

11:30 - Strategic Planning Subcommittees - Each Advisory Council member will be asked to serve on a strategic planning subcommittee.  The subcommittees are:

Goal 1:  Premier - Facilitators: Mary Herring and Doris Corbett

Goal 2:  Teaching, Scholarship, and Service - Facilitators: Jill Uhlenberg and Robert Boody

Goal 3:  Diversity - Facilitators: JD Cryer and Richard Webb

Goal 4:  Resources - Facilitators: Andrea Elliott and Amelia Holden-McMurray

Goal 5:  Community and Service Outreach - Greg Reed and Frank Kohler

12:00 - Lunch - We will have a lunch with the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance.  This will be a presentation of awards to community members for their outstanding service contributions.  The keynote speaker will be the Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds.

1:30 - Strategic Planning Subcommittee discussions continued.

2:15 - Break

2:30 - By-Law Discussion - Presenter Susie Roberts-Dobie
We need to discuss the rotation cycle of the Advisory Council and to discuss the make up of the Executive Council and its responsibility.

3:30 - Alumni/Donor Relations - Presenter: Andrea Elliott & Jim Jermier.  Andrea and Jim will provide an update of the completion of the Imagine the Impact Campaign. They will also provide an overview of the College of Education's alumni and donor relations accomplishments and future intents.

4:00 - Conclusion, Next Steps, and Farewells